From: Michaelmea on

Aaachoo, is a new international social networking concept geared
toward business professionals that could well be the next giant in the
internet marketing/advertising world. The internet saavy owners of
Aaachoo have set a lofty goal to help a million people build
successful home based businesses with their unique system.
Believe it or not, they actually show prospective new business members
how their personal downline network is building, even before they
officially join.

What really sets Aaachoo apart from the rest of the social networking
and internet marketing pack is that no personal selling or sponsoring
is required, period. Members who don't like to sponsor other new
members or selling, can still earn up to $1,800 a month down through
six levels in the pay plan with not having to make one sale or sponsor
even one person.
What else makes this professional social network community different
from the others?
All community members are paid members. This gives Aaachoo the only
social network with all serious business people which ensures a much
more professional environment for all of it's members.

The free 21 day "try before you buy" policy allows prospective members
a way to test drive the system before they ever have to pay a cent.
For members that are interested in recommending Aaachoo to others and
earning a monthly income for their efforts, a professional marketing
system is provided at no extra cost.