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>>> Plus, if we are in
>>> port in Seattle or Alaska, do calls from the ship use towers on land at
>>> that point, or do you still go through the ship?
>> If you are in a port, then they usually turn off the ship's towers.
>> Most likely contract requirements. The easiest thing to do is once you
>> get into port, turn on the cell. If it is not roaming go ahead, if it
>> is, then decide based on your roaming costs.
>Hmmm, how do I tell if it's roaming? Sorry, but I'm blonde. LOL.

My phone tells me who the carrier is. Cable & Wireless in the Cayman
Islands, Telmex in Cozumel, Orange or O2 in Australia. On the ship it
will be Cellular @ Sea. With AT&T there are specific rates from each
country. For Mexico I can pay $.45 a minute without the optional
international calling or $.25/min with it. SMS is $.50 a pop
regardless of location.

In Alaska you should have your own carrier. Assuming you have any
signal at all. I'm not sure who it is in Canada.


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