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If you are scared of flying or air travel then you are not in the
minority. In the post-9/11 world, a good percentage of people are
fearful, and with good reason. Air travel has always been a major
source of fear but there have been a few hints and tips that have been
developed, tried and tested in recent months. These tips cover
literally everything from cancelled flight to key things to remember,
and are all designed to ensure that you rest easy with peace of mind
in the time immediately before you board the plane and during the
flight itself.
First of all, make sure that you book your air travel nice and early.
If you leave it until the last minute then you are liable to have to
travel on a flight that you do not want with times that do not suit
you. Alternatively, it may be that you have to take a more expensive
form of air travel. Booking early not only assures you your set, it
can also save undue panic too. If you have any frequent flyer miles
you can also use them in part payment so that it will not be as
expensive as you think to fly.
If your budget is a priority then you may want to look at flying off
peak. Not only will the flights be cheaper, but they will also be less
crowded and if you suffer from anxiety, this could be just what you
need. The space will prevent you from having a panic attack and enable
you to travel in style and comfort. Off peak times are generally in
the middle of the day or in the evening, so look for flights at those
times of day.
If you happen to have booked on a flight that has no reserved seats
then check in early to make sure that you can board first and choose
the seat that is best for you instead of the one seat on the plane
that you do not want above all others, which would inevitably happen
if you were to turn up late! Some airlines actually allow you to
choose your own seats so that you can allocate yourself where you
like. American Airlines is the best air travel company for that.
Another reason to arrive at the airport early is to avoid the queues
at check in. If you have luggage then at least two hours in advance
for air travel is about right. You can sit and have a coffee after
your bags are taken care of and relax before you board. If you are
already anxious then the crowded halls will do nothing to help you so
always arrive early for air travel.
If you are nervous about cancelled flights then make sure that you
take a good book and a music player so that you can retreat to your
own little world in case of an air travel delay. If your flight is
announced as cancelled then seek out a flight attendant to ask about
another scheduled flight. He or she should be able to direct you to
the help desk and they can alter your flight for you. Think of it as
an opportunity not to lose your temper or panic, but as an opportunity
to have a little me time, courtesy of air travel. Few of us actually
have time out these days so unexpected delays should be welcomed and
not feared.
All in all, there is no situation that you should not be able to deal
with if you can think reasonably and logically, so enjoy!

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