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What are Airline Responsibilities for Mentally Disabled, AdultAccompaniment, International Escort and help Clearing Customs?
BHawk wrote: The airlines must have worked with the families to make this possible. It's one thing to go from one USA city to another but what about when our daughter travel internationally? She's going to need someone to help her clear customs. Regards, Bob Did you talk to the... 23 Apr 2007 13:03
What are Airline Responsibilities for Mentally Disabled, Adult Accompaniment, International Escort and help Clearing Customs?
Hello, My wife and I live in the USA. My wife's daughter, Kate (19 years old), lives in the UK. Kate is mildly Autistic. Each year she travels to visit us for a month in the summer. The airlines offer a service to accompany a minor for and extra fee (approximately $200) round trip. Now that Kate is 19 and... 23 Apr 2007 14:38
Is a bar of soap okay to carry-on?
Is a normal size bar of soap okay to carry-on in April 2007? I've been to the TSA web site, and I see the silly 3-oz. restrictions on toothpaste, shampoo, and even "liquid soaps", but I see no mention of a plane old bar of soap. ... 12 Apr 2007 13:26
Effect of very long flights
Greetings! Now a days there are very long flights lasting more than twelve hours. One can go directly from Dallas to Tokyo or Chicago to Delhi. I am a senior citizen. I am wondering the effect of such a long distance flight on senior citizens like me. Has any member has taken such a long flight? Please write abou... 8 Apr 2007 17:52
Portable hard drive through airport security?
I'm considering moving across the country and trying to plan some details of the move. I have a portable USB hard drive that contains some confidential info (I.e. passwords) that somehow needs to get from where I live now to where I'll be moving. -- First, don't anyone say not to store passwords on a portable dri... 28 Mar 2007 01:20
United Mileage Plus mystery terms
My mileage plus account prominently displays three terms which I have no idea what they mean: Elite Qualifying Miles Elite Qualifying Segments Lifetime United flight miles: ( i know what this refers too, but what use is it for )? I don't understand why none of these are hyperlinked so I can find out what use... 14 Mar 2007 20:48
BA overbooking - a bad experience
A bad experience ... I flew back from Bangkok to London on BA0010 last week. At Bangkok's new airport, I arrived 3.5 hrs before my flight and joined an existing queue to check in. About three hours before my flight, BA opened up one check-in counter and asked for Qantas passengers to come forward for check-in. S... 9 Mar 2007 11:49
Jews Strive To Restore Christmas Trees At Seattle Airport 12.11.2006 Jews Strive to Restore Christmas Trees Jews Strive to Restore Sea-Tac Airport's Christmas Trees By Rabbi Daniel Lapin Well here we go again. It is so utterly predictable. Like clockwork. It's December and time for another skirmish i... 6 Jan 2007 00:58
Does anyone know: there is a late departure in Dec (10:30pm depart IAH) to Paris. What do they serve for meals? A late-late dinner + late-late breakfast? Or early-early breakfast and lunch? Thanks if you can help. AF Web site does not help. bb ... 24 Nov 2006 04:14
"One bag" travel, which bag is best?
[Reposted with enlarged group list. Please leave intact, I can only access replies there.] I am going to experiment with doing away with checked luggage and try traveling with just one carry-on. This will be for a few weeks, a few countries, everything from planes and trains to back country buses. ... 21 Aug 2006 15:11
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