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> .....the proverbial people seem angry. A book will have to be written
> explaining how in 19 months Obama blew a 70% approval rating and is
> headed for under 40% �X something that took Bush six years....

I wonder how long it will take Cameron to halve his approval rating...

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Americans are angry

poor diddies

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> I don't watch much telly, admittedly ;) - but I often catch the news,
> and I listen to the radio 4 news a lot, and there seldom seems to be
> anything about Obama.
> Where are the state visits to Russia?, the Chinese banquets in the
> Great Hall Of The People? Where is the endless footage of Airforce
> One winging its way around the world?, the motorcades, the
> razzamatazz, the televised pomp and panoply that accompanied other US
> Presidents wherever they went?
> If Obama gives *one* impression, it's of being completely out of his
> depth.

World prefers Obama as president
Sydney Morning Herald

WASHINGTON: If Barack Obama were running for leader of the
world, instead of leader of the US, he would probably romp home.

The annual global survey of attitudes by the independent Pew
Research Centre shows that the Democratic nominee for president
has won the confidence of people in Europe, Asia, Africa and
Australia and is strongly preferred as president of the US over
his rival, the Republican John McCain.

In Australia, 80 per cent of participants said they had confidence
in Senator Obama, against 40 per cent for Senator McCain.

Similar results were reported from Britain, France, Germany,
Spain, Japan and Tanzania. American participants in the survey
gave the two senators roughly equal scores.

The poll results came as a presenter on Fox News television was
taken off air after she accused Senator Obama and his wife, Michelle,
of greeting each other with a "terrorist's fist jab".

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>>>> On Tue, 10 Aug 2010 01:49:50 +0100, "The gods have made us mad"

>>>>>One doesn't really know whether to be grateful or disappointed that
>>>>>your 44th President turned out to be a hermit ;)
>>>> everytime i see him it's in context of going on another holiday
>>> Where was your complaint when Bush set the all time
>>>record for the most time spent on vacation?
>> i'm not complaining...the more time he's on holiday, the less
>> damage he can do

> As opposed to Bush?

i'm continually amused at the way you socialists try to change the

>>>> pelosi and reid are meanwhile trying to borrow more money
>>>> to spend...and obarmy cheering them on how he wants
>>>> to sign it in between golf and holidays
>>> So you don't want to pay for the federal spending you
>>>want (the military, prisons, border guards, medicare) via
>>>taxes OR borrowing. So where should the money come from,
>> china at present

> So you approve of deficit spending.

is that so...

> As long as a Republican is doing it, it seems....

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> Americans are angry
> poor diddies

I dunno, angry Americans are a cause for concern. They'll probably
start another war. Australia could be next, so don't be too smug. Do
you have much oil down there?