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>>> Charles J. van Doornewaard wrote:
>>>> That is absolutely right. We now use the so called OV Chip Card. And if
>>>> you want to read all about it., then here is the link:
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>>>> Charles.
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> have the trams stopped using the strippenkarts? I've heard they've ALL
>>>>> gone to some electronic version.
>>>>> --
>>>>> Hackamore
>>> Hi,
>>> a very good link... and besides the regular OV Chip Card there are all
>>> sorts of day and multi-day passes available... some of which might be
>>> good deals under the right circumstances (i.e. first time visitors
>>> trying to pack in as much stuff as possible in 3 days) because of
>>> free/reduced admissions etc.
>> I don't agree that you have to "pack in as much stuff as possible " for
>> this to bhe worthwhile.
>> A one day ticket costs less than 3 single rides and is also less than the
>> *non-refundable* charge for the chip card.
>> It's a no brainier for the one off visitor, even when making the most
>> minimal number of journeys.
>> tim
> Hi,
> the all amsterdam transport pass is 26euros... sure there are some
> discounts... but ONLY ON THE DAY THE PASS IS VALID

Please don't shout. That is most likely the tourist pass which includes
museum entry.

It is correct to say that these tickets are usually only useful if you are
rushing around doing lots of things in one day, but that's because you need
to visit lots of museums, not because you need to travel on lots of trams.

I have rarely visited a city where these tickets make financial sense, but
they seem to sell a lot of them :-(

> a 7.5 trip strippenkart (15 strips) is 7.60$ or about a euro a trip
> a 24 hour ov card is about the same at 7 euros... so I'd need to make MORE
> than 7 trips a day by tram to make it worthwhile.

According to the first person to reply these strip tickets have been
replaced by the OV card.

My response was based upon this assertion being correct and that the only
tickets which make sense for the one time visitor are the "disposable" cards
which don't have a non refundable fee.

But if the first response was incorrect then, of course, you are right.


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> a 7.5 trip strippenkart (15 strips) is 7.60$ or about a euro a trip

I presume that should have been a euro symbol, not a dollar?

Tim C.