From: Ari Silverstein on
On Mon, 12 Jul 2010 05:20:21 -0400, Charles wrote:

> In article <PsydnVk7GtToIafRnZ2dnUVZ_v-dnZ2d(a)>, Brian K
> <brian1951BLOG(a)> wrote:
>> Not afraid of words, just think that one can be concise and to the point
>> without resorting to crude language.
> You have professed to be aware that it is a troll and now you quote its
> garbage and think you can have a rational discussion with the kook?
> That is falling for the bait. Whatever it spews is intended to
> vandalize. You are not going to reform it.

The sadness here, Chuck, is embedded in this insane attempt of yours
to control the uncontrollable. You and dozens of others and those have
left for no rational reason whatsoever. I'm not counting the TAs who
have bailed, that's rational. The revenue well has run dry.

Somewhere you and the dozens got the idea that RTC (Usenet) was your
personal playpen. When that happens, inevitably, without any doubt
whatsoever, like a sandbox in a public park, someone(s) is going to
come along and jump in with you that you don't like. The name calling
begins, the huddling up to protect your sand-turf, and the propaganda
war is initiated. If this sounds childlike then...:)

At this point, Chuck, you have four options.

1) Truly, actually, honestly ignore said new and unacceptable
2) Get your own, private Usenet newsgroup and moderate it.
Rec.Chuck.Sandbox or Alt.Approved.Babies-Only. No charge for the
3) Shoot yourself, life is no longer worth living.
4) Get over it, it's a public space.

I would proffer that a mature, adult-minded person would only see one
of those options as reasonable. I'm not going to tell you which one
just in case you are /not/ mature or adult-minded. lol

There it is, Chuck, a reality check. Or what is it Diana Ball calls it
"smoke signals", yeah, smoke signals. :)
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