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In article <4BB7567A.9090807(a)>, George Leppla
<george(a)> wrote:

> The Chef's Table program is being rolled out to the following
> ships over the next several weeks: Carnival Liberty, Carnival Sensation,
> Carnival Imagination, Carnival Inspiration, Carnival Pride and Carnival
> Fascination.

Princess has been doing this on their ships for a year at least. Sounds
like they copied the idea over from there.

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In article <4bb7b154$0$31275$607ed4bc(a)>, Tom K
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> I liked the whole activity, but Charles didn't care for the meal since
> he said he doesn't care for chicken.

I didn't care for the meal because the chicken was not very good to my
taste... ..not because I don't care for chicken. Even the other parts
of the meal did not impress me. And I have nothing against chicken but
I have found it is often not done well on cruise ships so it is true I
don't usually order it on cruise ships but I do eat chicken. The
activity itself was fine.

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On Sat, 3 Apr 2010 08:24:01 -0700, "John Sisker" <jsisker(a)>

>This press release was already mentioned on 4/1/2010 via
> Check that out
>for more information.
>(714) 536-3850 or toll-free at (800) 724-6644 & (Agency ID: 714.536.3850)
> / >

The difference between the two posts was that yours was a one line
quote, where Georges gave the text that explains the details. I'd
prefer to read the details in the post rather than have to chase links
to find the details.

Georges post had more value to me.


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