From: Sue Mullen on

Jean O'Boyle wrote:

> I do not care for the singing and dancing after dinner either, so we often
> leave before dessert and enjoy it in the buffet instead if we don't care to
> participate...I used to love to do that but the novelty has sort of worn off
> after many cruises.

Jean, you are so right about the singing waiters. When we started
cruising it was fun to watch, but after awhile it just became boring.
The other issue with the singing waiters is that it delays your getting
your dessert and coffee, they can't serve you while they are busy
entertaining. I have to say that on the Granduer, our waiter managed to
bring us dessert while the sings was in progress.

From: Stu on
On Wed, 03 Feb 2010 15:20:06 -0800, Ray Goldenberg
<ray(a)> wrote:

>On Wed, 3 Feb 2010 18:08:12 -0500, "Tom K" <tkanitra(a)>
>>Now THAT was something I was impressed with... but I'm not impressed with
>>singing and dancing waiters.
>Hi Tom,
>I agree with you. Singing and dancing waiters are a major turn off
>for you and I. We do agree on many of the same cruise points.

I'm thinking it has alot to do with the age bracket as well.
From: Ray Goldenberg on
On Wed, 03 Feb 2010 18:31:43 -0600, Stu <info(a)> wrote:

>I'm thinking it has alot to do with the age bracket as well.

Hi Stu,

Since you do not know how old Tom or I, or my clients are, why would
you say that?
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From: Charles on
In article <4b69ffa3$0$22511$607ed4bc(a)>, Tom K
<tkanitra(a)> wrote:

> Would I ever go on Carnival again? I guess you should never say never...
> but at this point, I can see no reason to.

I also have been on one Carnival cruise. I did not like the smokey
ship, the decor, the pool deck and I despised the singing waiters.
Ditto that stupid booth in the dining room. On the other hand the food
was great. Also the ship was not dirty.

But I do see a reason to go on Carnival. Our Viking group is doing the
Valor this year. While I don't care for Carnival and would not normally
book it there are things more important than not liking a cruise line.

> To me there are just so many better options than Carnival, at least
> for me. Particularly in this economy when you can get a Celebrity
> sailing for about the same price as a Carnival sailing.

The prices for Carnival sailings are not generally the same as
Celebrity. Celebrity prices are higher and they seem to be going up for
the newer Solstice class ships. The good Celebrity prices are on older

From: Charles on
In article <jvpjm5pq98cgpdhcumk52naknooq5jkojn(a)>, Stu
<info(a)> wrote:

> At late dinner the crew put on a huge show every night, it was always
> something different. They had most of the dining room up dancing and
> singing, this when most were having desserts and coffee so it didn't
> interfere while eating.

I don't like that. Particularly every night. One night like on Royal
Caribbean or HAL is more than enough. And on the Carnival cruise I was
on the Maitre'D divided the dining room into teams and had a game going
all week. I don't want that in the dining room either.

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