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>> Another MAJOR turn off... I despise singing and dancing waiters. I find
>> it so irritating.
>> I thought we might have been able to avoid it in Holland America... but
>> alas.... no luck.
>> --Tom
> Wow, I sure wish we all had your level of sorphisitcation.
> --
> Nonny

Don Tomas...

We can work on that... next year's Viking sailing will have sophistication
training... where we show you how to hold the wine person's spittoon thingee
properly in 2 fingers...


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> Tom K wrote:
>> Most here have heard these stories a dozen times before, but at least it
>> offers perspective on how our own styles influence our thoughts regarding
>> various cruise lines.
> Tom, the only issue I have with Carnival is all the smoking and I know
> that is also a health issue for you. If it weren't for that I would drag
> you on a Carnival cruise so you could see how they have changed since your
> 'ONE', very short cruise with them a very long time ago. If they ever did
> anything about the smoke, I would cruise with them again and would bet you
> would also enjoy Carnival.
> sue

The whole point is that given limited funds and limited time to get away,
why would I even consider taking the chance of going on Carnival again?

While I've avoided Carnival for a good 10 years or so... I could just as
easily do without Royal Caribbean for that long as well... except that the
Vikings love RCI, I love the voyager class ships... and Explorer to Bermuda
works very well for me. And I could do without NCL as well.

There's simply nothing about Carnival that I think I'm missing by going on
Cunard or Celebrity or HAL instead. Those 3 have food that "I" consider
good, given my fussy tastes... so why would I even consider risking
Carnival? Other people are the ones that say Carnival food has improved,
but I have my doubts that I would think so myself. Because we probably like
different foods and put different priorities on different things. Some
people rave about the deli sandwiches on Carnival. But I've got Harrolds
under 4 miles away if I want "really" good deli, so deli doesn't impress me
on a ship. I've heard people rave about steaks on Carnival. But I think I
make a better fillet mignon on my back yard grill than I've ever had on any
ship. So steak doesn't impress me. But good fish does. But even if I went
(which I wouldn't) I wouldn't trust the fish on Carnival, nor RCI, nor
NCL... and even Princess fish has let me down.

What would I be missing if I went on the Queen Mary 2 instead of Carnival?
Or on Constellation instead of Carnival? Those ships have ZERO risk for me.

I just see no reason to even consider going on Carnival ever again. So how
would you drag me?


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>>On Wed, 03 Feb 2010 18:31:43 -0600, Stu <info(a)> wrote:
>>>I'm thinking it has alot to do with the age bracket as well.
>>Hi Stu,
>>Since you do not know how old Tom or I, or my clients are, why would
>>you say that?
> Well since you asked Ray, I live in a large block with a great deal of
> seniors. About 90% cruise, they mostly use Cunard, Holland, Oceania ,
> Norwegian, and quite a few take Princess because they cater to the
> older population.

It's kinda rediculous to say they all cater to an older population. That's
simply not true. It's a seasonal thing that drives age demographics on
ships. When kids are off from school, almost all ships have tons of kids.
Once kids are back in school, the huge family demand is suddenly reduced,
but supply is still there, lowering prices, and attracting seniors.

Oh... And you left Celebrity off your list.

> I'm apprised weekly of how great they treat seniors,
> I mention Carnival and they say it's for family's with kids. Like you
> said, it's our preference after all we pay the bill.

I think Celebrity's kids program was far superior to Carnivals. On the
Century a number of years ago, the kids program had a theater group. Our
son joined and had one of the lead parts. At the end of the sailing, they
put on a performance for the passengers.

To me that was a learning experience as opposed to sticking them in a large
room with money making video games.

What lines have you gone on other than Carnival?


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> Jean O'Boyle wrote:
>> I do not care for the singing and dancing after dinner either, so we
>> often leave before dessert and enjoy it in the buffet instead if we don't
>> care to participate...I used to love to do that but the novelty has sort
>> of worn off after many cruises.
> Jean, you are so right about the singing waiters. When we started cruising
> it was fun to watch, but after awhile it just became boring. The other
> issue with the singing waiters is that it delays your getting your dessert
> and coffee, they can't serve you while they are busy entertaining. I have
> to say that on the Granduer, our waiter managed to bring us dessert while
> the sings was in progress.
> sue

Sue, I was even pulled away from the table by waiters several times to join
in the conga line around the dining room...but now that I am a bit older and
just about grown up, <vbg> even the waving of napkins by the other diners is
distasteful to me! ;-) But they may be new or fairly new to cruising and are
having a good time and that is what is important!. Probably one day after
quite a few cruises under their belts, they will feel the same way that I
do! I do not like the rowdiness that goes along with the dancing.and often
wonder if the waiters even like it...but they may, since they are all

I enjoy the music of the 50's and 60's which was prevalent on our Ryndam
cruise last week. Especially in the dining areas. I love beautiful real
floral arrangements and a touch of elegance here and there...but I do not
like being pampered to the point that it makes me feel ostentatious and
uncomfortable. I do enjoy a pleasant dinner with good friends and
laughter...I like both primary and pastel colors, which I get by going on a
variety of cruise lines. I don't like dark ships which brings the Mercury to
mind...I thought it was a dark ship. I think my favorite ships are Oceania,
Celebrity and Holland America, even though the Ryndam performed pitifully
last week.

It suffered a broken coolant line, generator failure, computer not reporting
accurately in the engine room, a fire at sea at dinner time..down on the
lowest deck where the garbage was contained, our commode not flushing two
separate times because they were renovating the cabin two doors down from
us, the hall carpeting being pulled up to just past our door so that they
could level the concrete area where there was a "dip" in the surface...this
was done the day we were in port at Santo Tomas de Castilla, Guatemala,
where there was absolutely nothing to do...the poor people set up tables of
their crafts right on the pier next to the ship and the passengers who
ventured into town to whom we spoke, said that it was a very small place
that would accept only Guatemalan money and sadly there was lots of poverty.
I don't think they are ready for tourists the we spent more time in
the cabin and the smell of the chemicals and the noise of the workers along
with their chatter in the hallway outside our door was a bit annoying.
But...we had a good time anyway...We surprised Barb & Tobie and Nonny and
Vicki as they had no idea we had booked the cruise. George Leppla helped me
with the plotting! Ermalee was going to surprise us but her plans were
foiled by cervical surgery that had to be done. And yes, I will take HAL
again! The captain was absolutely wonderful, not only charismatic but very
much a people person...he kept us informed very frequently about each
situation until it was resolved. The poor man was constantly apologizing and
it must have been one stressful voyage for him!!The Ryndam goes into dry
dock next week so hopefully she will come back smelling like a rose!


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>> On Wed, 03 Feb 2010 16:30:07 -0600, Stu <info(a)> wrote:

> On our Queen Mary 2 sailing, one evening our waitress ran over to the next
> table and immediately performed the Heimlich on a guy who was turning
> blue... a few minutes later the family came over to her at our table and
> thanked her for saving the person's life. She was kind of flustered about
> the fuss they made over her heroics.
> Now THAT was something I was impressed with... but I'm not impressed with
> singing and dancing waiters.
> --Tom

Hi Tom,

That was impressive, and happened once in my experiences. Regarding dining
room antics, If the waiters themselves really want to perform, I guess I
don't object. I do object to the parade of chefs, drumming up applause.
"I'm wonderful and you must tell me so", it seems in poor taste. Let's clap
for the dishwashers and the engine mechanics. These things have just become
part of the deal.

Harry Cooper