From: Olga Russell on
The economic slow down has and will continue to make an impact on our
lives in general. Whether its buying petrol, or going on holiday to
the likes of Puerto Rico, you'll either feel or see the affects, and
mainly in price.
This being said, even the major players in the British economy seem to
be struggling, which is understandable as our holidays are a want
rather than a need!
British Airways, one of the largest British Airways, and certainly
very well known in the industry has revealed that they will be
suspending anything up to four outgoing and ingoing services from
Worldwide airports, which will be announced soon and will come into
affect for the 2009 summer season.
British Airways has already seen a phenomenal 90% drop in pre-tax
profits in the first of the year and the cut in services is an attempt
by the firm to recoup some of their losses in the foreseeable future.
British Airways plan to reduce the size of their fleet, as well as the
total mileage covered by its aeroplanes, to ensure funding efficiency
is once again restored, and assets are not being left to rot while
they are not being used. The total decrease in services will account
for 1%, as of summer 2009.
Some of the busiest business routes British Airways will be working on
is the Heathrow to Edinburgh and Paris routes, as well as the likes of
Heathrow services to Dhaka and Kolkata in India and the Gatwick short
haul flights to Dublin and Zurich.
Of course British Airways main aim is to make money, which isn't their
strong point, so expect to see a slight increase in ticket prices over
the coming months.

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