From: NWLB on
I'm pleased to pass word on that I've completed a great deal of work
on and the site is ready to a "pre-
inaugural" launch.

Of specific note, I've added a social media/community system, with
links into both Facebook and Twitter, if that is something you do. A
new reviews system allows you to post full featured reviews of your
cruises, including pictures and more. The picture gallery is greatly
updated with unlimited storage. The message boards are squeaky new
and ready for conversations!

I'm giving the same treatment now, and it is
nearly complete.

In any case, I hope folks will drop by, help get a fresh community a
good start.

For those who are curious, no, I'm not allowing spam posts, and there
is no in-site, person-to-person mail allowed. So it should be safe
for those who hate that kind of issue.