From: Ari Silverstein, C.T.A. on
The new Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act 2009 has been resisted
and fought by the cruise industry since its very inception, a massive
industry that clearly cares little for it's passengers or crew and in
addition pays no taxes on the vast millions in revenue that they
accrue each year, while continuing to hide under the veil of flags of

Be advised that the cruise lines still offer no protection to those
outside of United States. Citizens throughout Europe for instance
remain unprotected should they board a cruise ship outside the United
States, indeed no protection will be afforded to U.S. citizens flying
to join UK or American owned cruise ships, as I can assure you many

Figures for 2009 showed more than 25 cases of passengers mysteriously
going over board (which is more than two every month) and many of
these cases have never been solved. This does /not/ include incidents
relating to missing crewmembers; the most recent is that of Italian
Chef Angelo Faliva who disappeared mysteriously in November 2009.
Angelo�s �employers� quite shamefully continue to ignore the family
in as the disappearance remains unresolved.
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