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Indy Scent <n(a)s.ty> wrote:
> Looks like Scotiabank also doesn't charges fees, but ...

Yep, I checked that out last week...

> Only problem there is that the "Global ATM Alliance" doesn't seem to
> include Hungarian ATMs.

....only to come to the same conclusion. :)


Lang may your lum reek.
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>> On 2010-06-10, Kirly <me(a)> wrote:
>>> Canadian banks' foreign ATM fees are typically $5 per transaction, plus
>>> another 3% or so on top of the interbank exchange rate. That's a hit
>>> of more than 8% on a 20,000 forint ($90) withdrawal. You can see how
>>> that might add up quickly over a four week visit to Hungary.
>> Make fewer, but bigger, withdrawals. Problem solved.
> It's easy to say that but if you've no idea how much cash you might need
> it's actually quite hard to achieve.

You can always adjust your balance between cash and plastic. Too much cash?
Leave the plastic in your pocket. Too little? Take out the plastic more.

Anyway, if you don't know how expensive your trip is going to be, why fret
over a $5 (Canadian) charge?