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Plans for our upcoming trip
We have the confirmation, we have the Magical Express tags, we're all paid up, and everyone is getting totally excited for WDW! Here's the itinerary: Day 1: arrive; dinner at The Wave We're going to enjoy hanging out at and exploring WL. We booked a standard room, and I don't think even a crummy view would b... 22 Jul 2010 18:04
2 hour wait
We're planning on using Lines for our upcoming trip, so I spent a little time today getting to know it. I saw that someone in line for TSM reported a wait time of 120 minutes. It got me wondering -- is there anything I would wait for 2 hours to see or do at WDW? I don't think so. And what would be the maxim... 11 Aug 2010 22:31
Disney Moms recommend Pecos Bills as a great value
What criteria do they use to pick these people? Their photos? -- *~Amanda TDC Ginny Favers, Rescued Princess of Chickapin Hill* ... 22 Jul 2010 14:45
Free Disney Game for iPod Touch & iPhone
Disney releases free Tron game for iPod Touch & iPhone. I don't have any of those so I can't comment. Here is a link rc=rss_main where you can read about it. You get it from the app store. -- Meerkat1 ... 19 Jul 2010 23:29
Website for Sue's Cancer Journey
Rather than posting updates on my cancer treatment here, I created a CaringBridge website. You can follow my progress there. Visit my website in two easy ways: 1. Visit my CaringBridge website by clicking the link below. 2. Enter my website name, ... 21 Jul 2010 10:17
RADP Pavilion - Clinic News
Recently we have seen large numbers of children presenting with nausea, upset stomach, and vertigo. At first we treated the symptoms with anti-nausea meds and suggested a call back if the symptoms persisted more than a day or two. We have now determined that these symptoms are due to the fact that Disney has... 22 Jul 2010 12:32
Photos from Disneyland and DCA on 7/17/2010
Karen and I went to DL and DCA yesterday. Unfortunately, it was too hot and crowded for us to really enjoy ourselves. We didn't get any farther in than The Mad Hatter shop on Main Street. We then went to DCA and found we could purchase all the commemorative items we wanted there (Disneyland birthday ears and so... 31 Jul 2010 10:45
Snow White Makeover
I stumbled upon this You Tube video for doing a Snow White makeover for Halloween or a costume party. I thought it was interesting because of all the work required. Do the real Disney princesses have to go through all of this work before going 'On Stage'? This vid... 18 Jul 2010 12:44
"World of Color" road show
This is interesting, if a bit confusing: Disney is doing sound-and-light shows in four ... 17 Jul 2010 21:44
RADP Pavilion - Announce Lallapalooza Event
The Lallapalooza event will be held on Monday, July 26th. It will consist of an almost complete reenactment of the ****CIVIL*WAR**** We will all assemble promptly at 4pm in the lobby of our pavilion. There we will receive a complete program of all the times and events which are scattered ... 21 Jul 2010 16:58
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