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The Reid wrote:
> Following up to Tchiowa
> >I think you missed a chunk yourself.
> >
> >Note that I can own 3 cars and a lot of stuff that I want (never mind
> >if *you* or someone else thinks it's useless)
> what you probably don't get is that that lifestyle isnt
> supportable. We need to consume less, work less and pollute less,
> its not really anything to do with what I think is useless.

Consume less, maybe. Work less, absolutely not. That's the kind of
thinking that destroys civilizations.

And yes my lifestyle is completely supportable. People have been saying
the US lifestyle isn't supportable for over half a century and we keep

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Iceman wrote:
> Tchiowa wrote:

> > I've been in 40 or 50 countries on 5 continents. I've lived and worked
> > in dozens of countries on 5 continents. When I think of quality of
> > life, the US is head and shoulders above most of the others. The only
> > one that comes even close is Australia. Europe doesn't have a country
> > that's even in the running. There are several Asian countries I would
> > put above most of Europe.
> I think the quality of life is higher in many European cities than in
> most of the US. You can live in the city center instead of in a
> hideous suburb,

a "hideous suburb"???? I'd much rather live in a suburb than in a city.
I have a house, some land, grass for the kids to play on, streets that
are safe, low crime, low pollution, low noise.

> you don't need a car and don't need a long commute, and
> the average person has shorter working hours and more vacation.

You get what you pay for. There are those who think work is a bad
thing. You seem to be one of them. There are others, like myself, who
enjoy work. I accomplish things and the feeling of accomplishment is
one of the things that makes life good.

This is one of the *BIG* advantages to living in the US rather than in
a Socialist country. I can see the benefits of my efforts to my family.

> Just because Americans have bigger houses, cars and televisions than
> Europeans doesn't make their actual quality of life higher.

Yeah, being poor is a wonderful way to live. Right??????

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Tchiowa writes:

> And yes my lifestyle is completely supportable. People have been saying
> the US lifestyle isn't supportable for over half a century and we keep
> improving.

Any lifestyle is supportable if the population is not allowed to
expand out of control.

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Tchiowa wrote:
> Jordi wrote:

> >
> > Repeating your failed statements will not make them any more true.
> And repeating your silly analysis won't make that any more true.
> You don't want to look at them together because when you do so the
> failure of your position becomes obvious.

Bleh, bleh, blah. Stay in your wonderful U.S. of A. and stop saying bs.

> >
> > It is not failing despite whatever you've been told. Go please get a life.
> Get one yourself. And when you do try facing reality. Socialism is a
> failure. Period.

However, when being told that our system actually works for everyone
and with less expense, all I hear from you is some distant whining
about lines and the system going bankrupt.


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Tchiowa wrote:
> Jordi wrote:
> It's titled "going beyond income" which is another way of saying that
> it's trying to measure some non-measurable standard to make those less
> financially successful feel less bad about themselves.
> I'll say it again: I've been all over the world. No country in Europe
> comes close to the US as far as quality of life.

Just like Dave predicted :D