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Thank you. I had trouble finding a single page that invalidated your

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Tchiowa writes:

> Better than half stay in job a long time.

But they still have considerably more than just one job, QED.

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> No it's not. A monopoly is when you can only have one
> provider PERIOD. You have no choice who to provide your service.

So the USPS does not have a monopoly on first-class mail because such
mail has been delivered by different entities in the past?

A monopoly exists when there is no choice of provider, or when
substantial impediments to a change of provider exist. You don't have
much choice about telephone providers if you have to pay money and
have wiring changed just to change from one to another.

> I can
> buy groceries from any of dozens of stores. But as I don't have a split
> personality I can only buy from one at a time. Does that make them a
> monopoly?

It costs you nothing to choose a different store for each trip. The
same is not true for public utilities and other monopolies.

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On 31 Jul 2006 20:31:37 -0700, "Tchiowa" <tchiowa2(a)> wrote:
>I would guess just from personal experience that by the time people are
>25-30 years old, the vast majority are in the job that they are going
>to be doing for a very long time. And then they are getting plenty of
>vacation. Vacation that they have "earned".
That's in the past. Outsourcing has changed all that. Welcome to the
new world economy.
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Tchiowa writes:

> Funny, but I have several options for local phones in California.

How many local loops lead into your house? And what about other
telephone services?

> Steel, Oil, Railroads.

Passenger rail service is a monopoly in the United States, mainly
because private companies refused to provide passenger service. They
refused to provide it because they couldn't make a large-enough profit
on it.

> But you can have different electrical providers using the
> infrastructure. Which is exactly what we have in California now.

That doesn't help if you have no choice at your incoming electrical

> Maybe. But to go back to the original topic, health care certainly
> doesn't qualify.

Why not? Illness is a constant in society; the percentage of people
who require medical care is relatively fixed. They have no choice
over their need for care; when they need it, they need it. It's well
suited to government oversight. One must avoid abuse and waste, as
always, but in countries where anonymous ownership of private
corporations makes profit the primary and often the only goal,
government ownership is the lesser of two evils.

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