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On 2 Aug 2006 17:02:55 -0700, "Tchiowa" <tchiowa2(a)> wrote:

>Jim Ley wrote:
>> On 1 Aug 2006 17:08:10 -0700, "Tchiowa" <tchiowa2(a)> wrote:
>> >Experience in fact correlates directly with productivity. In all jobs.
>> >The longer you're in the job (up to limits, of course) the better you
>> >can perform and the more productive you are.
>> No, not at all, you're ignoring boredom, which is something most
>> knowledge workers suffer from if they do the same job, ditto the
>> repetitive factory worker.
>Who said anything about "repetitive"? Workers get promoted, new
>opportunities, new challenges.

So you mean people change to do a new job, with new challenges and new
opportunities, I thought you said people were unproductive in new jobs
so shouldn't be getting much holiday - now you're saying people should
be promoted out of where they're productive?

>Sounds to me like someone is in a dead end job and doesn't see how
>others can enjoy what they are doing and how they can get better by

I'm a homeless person who's regularly unemployed, but the jobs I do
and the people I do them with are far from dead end.

>> It definately is in the UK, I'm surprised it's different in the US, do
>> you have any evidence to back your assertion up?
>Yeah, go look at the stats I posted from BLS.

Didn't show any such thing.

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On Thu, 03 Aug 2006 10:42:52 +0200, Mxsmanic <mxsmanic(a)>

>Tchiowa writes:
>> Do you have any idea how it works?
>Yes. Wires lead from the service provider to your house. Electricity
>flows through these wires. To receive power from a different
>provider, you need wires that physically lead to a different source.

No you don't... you seem to be confusing the method of delivery and
the provision of the service. If I buy goods from store X and Y, and
both use DHL for delivery, it's not a DHL monopoly. In electricity,
both Company X and Company Y lease the right to use the wires to
deliver electricity to an individual house, you don't need to change
wires, you just need to change who is leasing them.

>Then how does a given provider ensure that you are using electricity
>generated only by that provider?

Because you have meters measuring the electricity usage...

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Mxsmanic a mis l'ide suivante :
> Stanislas de Kertanguy writes:
>> The fact that the website's URL is
>> is NOT a proof that you didn't translate beforehand (actually before
>> searching for the website).
> I don't need a _proof_ of anything. What difference does it make?

You don't need a proof, but _we_ do. How can we be sure that you did
not translate?

How is a _reliable_ source of information

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Il se trouve que Mxsmanic a formul :

>> The words "Mdecins sans frontires" appear at the top of the page,
>> obviously this isn't English.
> Everything else on the page is in English.


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> JohnT writes:
>> Look at your original reference to this.
> Look at the antecedent of my original reference. The assertion was
> made that asking for donations makes me a non-professional. I pointed
> out Doctors without Borders, which has doctors and asks for donations,
> and wondered if the doctors working for that organization were no
> longer professionals because it solicits donations.

OK, let's assume you are a professional from your website. But there is
a lack of information. We know very well what kind of professionals
doctors working for DwB are.

How do you define yourself as a professional ? Your website shows a
wide variety of talents. What kind of professional do you think defines
yourself ? IT professional ? ESL teacher ? Tour leader ? Real-life
columnist ?

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