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>Tchiowa wrote:
>> Mxsmanic wrote:
>> > Tchiowa writes:
>> >
>> > > Yeah, I have a hard time sleeping at night thinking about these poor
>> > > people who seem to have lost some of their rights when all they did was
>> > > to maim, kill, torture thousands of Afghans, participate in terrorist
>> > > acts, and other minor infractions.
>> >
>> > The people being held did not generally do any of these
>> > things--although it's true that the definition of "terrorist acts" has
>> > become very broad.
>> Those people being held were for the most part either captured on the
>> battlefield performing terrorist acts or supporting a terrorist
>> government while fighting out of uniform, or they were taken as members
>> of terrorist cells.
>Says who? The US military? If they did something wrong, try them in a
>court of law.

What law ? Bush ignores the law. He would pardon them all just as he
plans to pardon Scooter Libby.

The "law" is to punish the poor and the weak. Real "power" is above
the law under Bush.
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Following up to Dave Frightens Me

>>I told you before you can't take the words apart and analyze the
>>meaning of each word then come up with a definition of the whole.
>Is this the first time you've met Mixi?

they are made for each other.
Mike Reid
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Dave Frightens Me writes:

> Can you be sure it will be accepted as evidence?

It doesn't have to be. It's still enough to trigger seizure of
property without due process.

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Hatunen writes:

> So your claim is that the judiciary has no interest in civil
> rights?

Its interest seems to be diminishing.

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Mxsmanic wrote:

> Keith W writes:
>>If you use 200 kw hours , your meter records it, they push that
>>much onto the grid and you pay them for it.
> How can they do that in time to cover your usage?

How do banks work?
When you write a check, does the money immediately get removed from your