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mrtravel writes:

> What part of the world population needs the ability to survive at +80C
> or +176 F?

I was giving an equivalent in heat for a temperature of -80 C. I was
being conservative, though, since -80 C is about 100 below optimum,
so the real equivalent in heat would be 120 C. No part of the planet
gets much above 57 C, although a great many areas regularly approach
that temperature. This is good, since it is much harder for human
beings to deal with heat than it is for them to deal with cold.

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mrtravel writes:

> How did the world manage before A/C?

By dramatically limiting human activity during hot weather. In hot
climates without A/C, for example, human activity may come to a near
or total standstill during the day. It is not possible to maintain
the pace and activity of modern developed countries in hot weather
without air conditioning.

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Jim Ley wrote:
> On 20 Jul 2006 18:08:16 -0700, "Tchiowa" <tchiowa2(a)> wrote:
> >And think about that for a minute. That much vacation for a new
> >employee? That's a high cost. That is one of the reasons that
> >unemployment is higher in the EU than it is in the US. So while new
> >workers in the EU get more vacation than new workers in the US, more
> >workers iin the EU can't get jobs, period. Enforced vacation.
> Except of course unemployment is not higher in many countries of the
> EU, in fact it's lower.

??????????? Which countries are these? US unempoyment is something like
4.6% which many economists label as nearly "full employment". France,
Germany, etc. have unemployment roughly double the US.

>The reason why certain countries in the EU
> have high unemployment is becuase they have protectionist governments
> and are restricted in their ability to become competive due to the
> Euro, it's got nothing to do with holiday entitlement.

It has to do with a lot of reasons. Vacation entitlement is a small
part, but it's a part. The primary problem is the "free lunch" attitude
that Europeans seems to have. Lots of vacation without earning it. Free
medical care. Cradle to grave security. You name it.

These things aren't really free. they come at a cost. One of the costs
is high unemployment.

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The Reid wrote:
> Following up to Tchiowa
> >Global warming has been going on for thousands of years. Species loss
> >is no greater than any other time in history and is offset by species
> >gain. Oil reserves will last at least another century by which time we
> >can easily have alternate energy sources (if the environmental nuts
> >will allow it, that is).
> >
> >So where is your warning?
> stop belieng fairy tales?

Which are you labelling a fairy tale? Weren't you aware that global
warming has been going on for over 10,000 years? They didn't teach you
about the ice age in school? Species loss, is that it? Species loss is
no higher now than it has ever been. Lower than in some cases. Didn't
study the periodic "dyings" that the earth goes through where 90% of
the species vanish in a fairly short period of time. Oil reserves? We
have more proven oil reserves now than we had the last time that the
Left informed us we were almost outl.

So which one is a fairy tale?

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The Reid wrote:
> Following up to Tchiowa
> >Standard practice in the US is a year vacation after a year's work, 2
> >weeks after 2 years, 3 weeks after 5 years, 4 weeks after 10 years.
> >
> >> IIRC a month is now legal *minimum* in the EU.
> >
> >And think about that for a minute. That much vacation for a new
> >employee? That's a high cost.
> so you accept now that Europe has more holiday time?

For new employees. I never argued that point. I said that for employees
that have been on the job for a while the vacation allotment is about
the same.

It is.

> Or are you
> still saying we don't? Meanwhile you have of course brainwashed
> yourselves into thinking its a terrible thing, but only where it
> diverges from US practice, (if all you care about is productivity
> why don't you stop all vacation?).

An experienced employee can produce enough to justify a long vacation.
I personally get several months a year.