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Mxsmanic wrote:
> mrtravel writes:
>>If you put a fan in the window, you can then have air move in or out,
>>depending on a combination of blade direction and shape.
> In hot weather, it doesn't matter, since the air is hot both inside
> and out.


Are you under the impression that the temperature inside and outside a
building, without a heater or A/C is always the same?

Do you know what a greenhouse is?
Do you think it is possible that the glass windows on buildings may
cause a similar effect? What about the number of people in a building.
Would a building get warmer or colder if you add people?

What about the shading effect of the being inside of a building? Is that
no benefit, when compared to being in direct sunlight?

So, are you now saying that air movement has no benefit in reducing
comfort levels?

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The Reid <dontuse(a)> wrote:
> Following up to Miguel Cruz
>> which has supposedly been rapidly saturated
> "supposedly" I cant understand why you dont post here anymore,
> Miguel.

Funny, after just two days of reading mxsmanic's greasy twisty
argumentation, the reasons are coming back to me all too quickly!

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Following up to Tchiowa

>> do you ever wonder why the worlds scientists think otherwise?
>What are you talking about????????

The rest of the world seems to know, I don't know why you don't..
Mike Reid
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On Tue, 25 Jul 2006 00:40:32 +0200, Mxsmanic <mxsmanic(a)>

>Dave Frightens Me writes:
>> Rubbish. Ventilation is almost as effective as air con.
>No, it isn't nearly as effective, which is why A/C exists in the first

Sit directly in front of a fan with the window open, and it's an
effective way to stay cool.
From: Mxsmanic on
The Reid writes:

> you're argument is about humidity, remember?

It's about both. Fans are no more useful than evaporative cooling
(swamp coolers).

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