From: Mxsmanic on
Tchiowa writes:

> And as all of this is based on computer models and these same computer
> models were predicting and impending *Ice Age* back in the 70s and 80s
> then there is also a consensus among scientists that the models are not
> completely reliable.

Not completely reliable is an understatement. They are equivalent to
rolling dice.

> Let's make it clear again: there is a difference between natural global
> warming, which is proven scientific fact, and a potential man-made
> component adding to that process, which is a different topic
> altogether.

No doubt, but the results are the same either way. I just wish it
would stop. But I suppose it won't. Nobody really knows whether it
will stop or not.

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Mxsmanic wrote:
> mrtravel writes:
>>So, it doesn't make a difference to you if it is 23 or 50?
> Neither temperature is really acceptable. A temperature of 23 C is
> more survivable, but survivability is not the only criterion that must
> be satisfied.

A temperature of 23 degrees Celsius (73.4F) is unbearable to you?
You didn't say one was more acceptable. You said beyond 22 or so was too
hot and how hot wasn't important.

> It's rather like asking whether 2 feet of water or 4 feet of water are
> preferable in the streets of New Orleans. The only acceptable level
> of water is zero.

Comparing 23 degrees to 50 degrees isn't like comparing the water levels
mentioned, since 23 isn't an abnormal temperature, and 2 feet of water
would be abnormal. It would be like having an inch or two in the street
compared to 5 feet of water.
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Miguel Cruz wrote:
> went down to Sevilla for Feria season.

Spain: Semana Santa en España includes some stuff about la Féria:

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Following up to Al Smith

> The Northwest Passage will open and become
>a viable shipping route. Greenland will become habitable again. So
>will Labrador, for that matter. Yes, folks, a field of clover will
>stretch from the Great Lakes to the North Pole. Now's the time to
>invest in some of that green.

avoid low lying land.
Mike Reid
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"Mxsmanic" <mxsmanic(a)> wrote in message
> Keith W writes:
>> Do you deny 50 is hotter ?
> Once it's beyond 22 C or so, it's too hot, and exactly how hot isn't
> very important.

So its no worse at 50 than 22.1

Self evident nonsense

>> The danger level for a fit adult is negligible
> That isn't true, as some fit adults discover in the ER, if they live
> that long.

Only if they too stupid to realise that they need to drink
and rest in the shade occasionally. Extreme stupidty
always has carried its own death sentence.


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