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> Tom P wrote on Jun 21, 2010:
>>> Brindisi is a nice small town and the ticket prices to Greece are lower,
>>> but
>>> I hate the drive down through Italy on their crappy motorways. We now go

Oh, what's wrong with their motorways? If you ever tried to do long distance
on the ordinary roads, you get to appreciate the Autostradi.

> What particularly bugs me is the Italian idea of a service station. The 20
> or
> so parking spaces provided are always filled, so everyone parks where ever
> there's an empty space - including the slip roads or the motorway itself
> at
> times. Inside the laughably inadequate little sheds there's always a
> typical
> Italian mayhem - the system being that you push your way to the food and
> coffee counter, select what you want, memorise it and then push your way
> to
> the cashier at the other end of the shed who issues you with a slip which
> you
> then present back at the food counter, and finally try to consume your
> purchases among swarms of people all doing the same thing. At least the
> coffee's good though.

This is of course inferior to a British service station. My last experience
of one was on the M40, where all services seem to share the same sliproads
as normal exits, they are always on the other side of the motorway, you get
caught up in local traffic, and there is no way back onto the motorway
unless you religiously follow the signs across the local countryside for
several miles to join it at the next junction down (or was it up?).

The service station itself is like trying to park at a busy Tesco on a
Saturday afternoon, with a couple hundred yards to walk just to get to the
main doors, another hundred to the toilets, and a cup of tea (hot water and
a teabag) costs �2.


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