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Mxsmanic wrote:
> Bill Bonde {Colourless green ideas don't sleep furiously) writes:
>> Complex carbs take longer to digest, giving you energy over a
>> longer period. When backpacking, I'd avoid the simple surgars until
>> the end when I needed quick short term energy for the final push.
> All carbohydrates are digested very rapidly. Fats and proteins take much more
> time and do not produce the massive spikes in blood glucose that carbohydrate
> loads can produce.

It can stun a poster but the fact is that Bill is sometimes 'on the
ball'. He is here. Not all carbohydrates are digested very rapidly.
The ones that have a high GI (Glycemic Index) are but the ones that
have a low GI are not. Those are the ones that fill you up and that
it is not necessary to eat too much of.
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Mxsmanic wrote:
> John Rennie writes:
>> Is obesity that much of a problem anyway? Won't it help
>> to kill off this ageing population that might overwhelm
>> us? Or will the problems connected with obesity overwhelm
>> us even before ageing does.
> Obesity isn't just a problem of old people.
>> Which brings me to a very pressing problem facing the
>> Health Service in the UK. Should very obese people requiring
>> stomach reduction surgery take precedence over others
>> requiring urgent operations? They are even being actively
>> encouraged to put on even more weight to jump the queue.
>> I'm inclined to think we should make these operations
>> be paid for privately anyway. The patients condition
>> is, after all, self inflicted. I bet Bill agrees with
>> me on this one unless of course he's in the queue.
> If the UK had a working public health system, there would be no queues, and
> this problem wouldn't arise.

Yes well - we would need a socialist government before
that happens and we haven't had one since 1951.
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Magda wrote:
> On Sun, 31 Jan 2010 13:53:48 +0000, in, "Bill Bonde {Colourless green
> ideas don't sleep furiously)" <tribuyltinafpant(a)> arranged some electrons, so
> they looked like this:
> ... You sound like you may have an eating disorder. Someone who is "all
> ... skin and bones" and then swears off a food that caused them to
> ... "gain[] a pound" is a bit off.
> I was ten years old, stupid. Your mother must be utterly ashamed of having produced such a
> brainless child.

You are an abusive person aren't you, Magda?
I think Bill's response was perfectly reasonable
whether you were 10 or 40 years old when
you forswore cereals. You were all skin
and bone and you put on a whole pound in
weight which took you a month to gain. It
was a strange reaction
> =====
> It sounds much better in French, but then, everything does.
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Mxsmanic wrote:
> Bill Bonde {Colourless green ideas don't sleep furiously) writes:
> > They found no evidence that runners were more likely to have
> > injuries in those areas that people claim they are more likely to
> > be hurt in. I've heard this before and from other studies. The
> > problem is if you hurt your knee, let's say playing a sport, and
> > that damage gets worse over time. A normal knee can take running.
> > It's the stress that is important for the bones. This is why
> > running (or backpacking I suspect) are important.
> Fine. Go ahead and jog. I'll pass.
> > It's well known that people who aren't too skinny tend to live
> > longer.
> Unusually skinny people die younger, but so do unusually fat people.
But that's what the studies show, that being obese is unhealthy,
but having a little more fat than what is supposedly ideal actually
seems to correlate to longer life on average. I've explained one
possible mechanism.

"Gonna take a sedimental journey", what Old Man River actually
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Reminds me of the pizza promotion that McD's had in Canada nearly 20
years ago.

Cheeze pizza: $2.49
Pepperoni pizza: $2.79

Special - This Month Only! Pepperoni Pizza $2.19
(no discount on plain cheese.)

My vegetarian friend discovered that he could get the discount by
ordering the pepperoni pizza, "hold the pepperoni".


Lang may your lum reek.