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> All carbohydrates are digested very rapidly.

Except cellulose, the champion resister.

No animal has developed the power to directly digest cellulose, a
evolutionary mystery. Some bacteria can and are used
by some animals to do so.

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>> I haven't paid much attention. I just buy tortillas, without checking to see
>> if they are wheat or corn flour. Most of them are probably wheat.
> The corn ones are better for you since they don't need the
> saturated fat. Flour tortillas have a lot of fat in them.

The corn are yellow. The wheat based sort of a pasty white.
For me the latter have no taste and the texture is poor.

The corn tortillas are imported in some shops
(American) in Paris, but they are kept refrigerated, they
spoil quickly. The ones on the shelves in Parisian
supermarkets which have a "Mexican section" will
be white and wheat based.

That alone indicates that the corn are healthier
and not loaded with preservatives. The best may be
"blue corn". When eating on a Mexican Restaurant be
sure and ask if they are corn or wheat.

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Earl Evleth writes:

> Maybe, my observation of the old around me is that most are not overweigh,
> a lot of thin and frail looking old ladies.

Undereating is not uncommon in the elderly. If food doesn't taste as good,
there's less inclination to eat it, and appetite in general often declines as

Of course, in France, women have the highest life expectancy in the world,
after Japan, so you see a lot of extremely old ladies, usually lined up at the
pharmacy with a stack of prescriptions to fill. French women tend not to be
fat even when they are young, so seeing an old French woman who is overweight
is very rare.

I had an American visitor once in Paris who was amazed by the people he saw in
a shopping center, simply because they were mostly of normal weight. Back
home, he said they all would have been 300 pounds or more, in skin-tight,
dumpy clothing, and all quite deep into Syndrome X.
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Earl Evleth writes:

> Except cellulose, the champion resister.

I meant of those that human beings can directly digest.
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Mr Q. Z. Diablo writes:

> Sweet Christ! Did someone just give you an enema of stupid? If you want to
> count in all the energy that goes towards crop production, we can also count in
> all of the things that go towards the production of fossil fuels of sufficient
> grade to power a motor vehicle. That includes prospecting, mining, refinement,
> transport to destination, blah blah blah blah blah. I'm not talking about waste
> here, and nor is Bill. We're just demonstrating to you the fact that the energy
> used getting a motor vehicle from A to B is considerably more than is consumed
> getting a cyclist (or even a pedestrian) the same distance.

Only because a motor vehicle is heavier. However, it may well be more
efficient overall, as it is designed for its purpose, whereas a human being
riding a bicycle is not.

> Just when we're all thinking that poor ol' Bill is off with the fairies, someone
> comes along who has bypassed the fairies to join the clouds and the cuckoos.

In other words, you disagree.