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Donna Evleth writes:

> I know that. But given my health situation, I have to spend the extra
> money.

If you have the extra money to spend, fine. Some people don't.

> Acute chronic diarrhea. That was what brought my weight down, and it had me
> pretty much trapped at home. Within 24 hours after stopping the medicine,
> the diarrhea stopped. I decided, after that disastrous experience, that I
> would try to manage my disease without medication. I have done so
> successfully for 4 1/2 years now.

I was under the impression that diet/exercise -> meds -> insulin was a one-way
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Mr Q. Z. Diablo writes:

> You are a loony. You don't believe that towing a 2 tonne vehicle around with a
> 150+ kW engine is efficient do you?

Efficient as compared to what?

For equivalent horsepower, it's a lot more efficient to do it with an engine
than to do it with a human being or a horse.
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Mxsmanic wrote:
> John Rennie writes:
>> Or a person who wants to avoid getting fat - much more common
>> than being diabetic.
> Getting fat is purely a matter of consuming more calories than one burns.
> Where those calories come from is irrelevant.

No it isn't although your main point is valid. If the calories
you eat taken longer to digest, as they will if they are low in GI,
you won't feel the need for so many of them.
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"Magda" <no-spam(a)> wrote:

> Male or female?
> No help with chasing girls either?

Bretanie is female, from the name alone!

We gave had three other dogs, all dachs, she
is the first female, One nice feature is that
she does not mark as male dogs do. Unfortunately
she is not as smart as Gaston, she is about average.
She is too barky and containing that is a problem.
And she is not friendly with most people. With
us she is sweet although crowds us in bed.
She is robust, never ill and unfortunately
a food addict. She loves bread and will steal it
if she can. We bought her when she was 18 months
old, not a pup, from a at home dog breeder
in the North of France, who had too many dogs
and had to sell her. We wanted dog a bit older
since we both are in our 70s. At the time
we bought her I was not yet ill with my lung
disease, which will certainly kill me
before she dies. So my wife will have to deal
with that. Our daughter who runs a dog
rescue service in Denver (basset hounds)
will take Britanie if we both die first.

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"Mxsmanic" <mxsmanic(a)> wrote:

> When you are 75, you cannot afford _not_ to keep moving.

You don't understand the possible problems of old age for some.
It is not a question of not affording it but can't or can't
very much.