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"Mxsmanic" <mxsmanic(a)> wrote:

> Fat is responsible for most of the taste of a great many foods.

The next time you buy a can of peas, read the fine print.
Sugar is added to a lot of things now not to make them
sicky sweet but to give the appearance that natural
plant sugars are there but even more so.

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> From: "Mr Q. Z. Diablo" <diablo(a)>
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> Date: 01 Feb 2010 11:29:27 GMT
> Subject: Re: Dutch McDo's 'wrong' to fire worker over cheese slice...
> On 2010-02-01, John Rennie <john-rennie(a)> unwisely decided to post
> the following to Usenet:
>> Mxsmanic wrote:
>>> John Rennie writes:
>>>> I'm not quite sure you understand me. You use the example of mashed
>>>> potatoes which has a high GI. We are agreed that high GI foods
>>>> are to be avoided are we not?
>>> A person in normal health need not avoid high GI foods. A person who has
>>> problems with glucose metabolism, such as a diabetic, should probably avoid
>>> them in order to make blood glucose management easier.
>> Or a person who wants to avoid getting fat - much more common
>> than being diabetic. I just don't know why you used that
>> example when I was endeavouring to explain that not all
>> carbohydrates are rapidly digested. Good old porridge oats
>> eaten in moderation is an excellent breakfast; a damn
>> sight cheaper than bacon, eggs and buttered toast and far
>> less fattening.
> Just goes to show that we can't really agree about anything much. I'm OK with
> a good mash but one has to keep moving in order to offset such stuff. It's
> not
> about the high GI, BTW. It's more about the butter and milk that tend to get
> used.

And don't forget the gravy so many people load onto it.

Donna Evleth
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On 01/02/2010 4:13 PM, Martin wrote:
> On Mon, 01 Feb 2010 17:06:25 +0100, Mxsmanic<mxsmanic(a)> wrote:
>> James Silverton writes:
>>> You can get low-fat, high-fiber, low-carb tortillas from "La Tortilla
>>> Factory" of California. They seem to have national distribution even if
>>> their taste is nothing special.
>> All tortillas are low in fat unless fat is specifically added to them.
> Are you getting these quotes from Xmas crackers?

It is all in Anthony's Bumper Book of Facts, which is marketed by Viz Kids.

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> From: Mxsmanic <mxsmanic(a)>
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> Date: Mon, 01 Feb 2010 17:09:06 +0100
> Subject: Re: Dutch McDo's 'wrong' to fire worker over cheese slice...
> Donna Evleth writes:
>> I know that. But given my health situation, I have to spend the extra
>> money.
> If you have the extra money to spend, fine. Some people don't.

I do have the extra money, and this is how I choose to spend it. I know
that some people don't. I am very sorry for them, especially if they are
like me, and did not have a life style that contributed to their disease.
>> Acute chronic diarrhea. That was what brought my weight down, and it had me
>> pretty much trapped at home. Within 24 hours after stopping the medicine,
>> the diarrhea stopped. I decided, after that disastrous experience, that I
>> would try to manage my disease without medication. I have done so
>> successfully for 4 1/2 years now.
> I was under the impression that diet/exercise -> meds -> insulin was a one-way
> street.

That's what the doctor who prescribed the medicine told me, too. He was
wrong, at least for me. That is why he is no longer my doctor. The
specialist, whose name I managed after much effort to pry out of him, told
me that I probably will never need insulin. Since I am now 74, she may well
be right. I hope so. I don't even want to think about insulin.

donna Evleth

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> From: Magda <no-spam(a)>
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> Date: Mon, 01 Feb 2010 17:59:35 +0100
> Subject: Re: Dutch McDo's 'wrong' to fire worker over cheese slice...
> On Mon, 01 Feb 2010 17:32:19 +0100, in, Earl Evleth
> <evleth(a)>
> arranged some electrons, so they looked like this:
> ... On 1/02/10 16:43, in article phtdm5t5c2vmhn6fuv23nf52v5hermugqf(a),
> ... "Magda" <no-spam(a)> wrote:
> ...
> ... > Male or female?
> ... >
> ... > No help with chasing girls either?
> ...
> ... Bretanie is female, from the name alone!
> Not really.
> ... We gave had three other dogs, all dachs, she
> ... is the first female, One nice feature is that
> ... she does not mark as male dogs do. Unfortunately
> ... she is not as smart as Gaston, she is about average.
> ... She is too barky and containing that is a problem.
> ... And she is not friendly with most people. With
> ... us she is sweet although crowds us in bed.
> ... She is robust, never ill and unfortunately
> ... a food addict. She loves bread and will steal it
> ... if she can.
> Sounds like she is smart enough to get what she wants one way or another - a
> female
> through and through! :)

But not as smart as Gaston. Gaston reasoned. It was great fun to sit and
watch him reason a problem through, and solve it.

Donna Evleth