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Susette wrote On 12/22/2009 8:57 AM:
> On Dec 20, 10:35�am, "Sheree" <she...(a)> wrote:
>> rosaly:
>> i'm Jewish and did not take the remakr that way at all. �she said sailing
>> from FLL during Hanukkah and i took it to me the steotypical boca/maj jong
>> crowd. �and i would have to agree, they can be quite rude.
>> sheree
>> "Rosaly Z. Greenberger" <ros...(a)> wrote in messagenews:4B28357F.2000002(a)
>>> I find your mention of the Bronx people sailing for Chanukah
>>> being rude a glaring anti-semitic remark.
>>> I've been on this rtc group for a number of years and pretty much know the
>>> people involved. �Many people are rude but I object to your\
>>> insinuation and believe you should read that paragraph over again
>>> and think about what you were inferring.
>>> If my feelings are correct, then I would never want to cruise with
>>> your bigoted inferences.
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> Sherree Absolutely! I love going to the candle ceremony but I said
> NO way I knew it be Biotch and whine.. and YEP they were playing Mah
> Jong....
> And on cruise Critic it is something everyone that was on Westerdam
> ( I have no clue whom these folks are) Are saying the same thing - the
> 2nd week sailing after us was saying that the Staff even said it was
> a rough sailing for rudeness..... it was all the talk. makes me feel
> much better that it just was not me feeling that way!
> I know I will not retire to Boca or Ft Lauderdale cause I be pulling
> my hair out! LOL
Why would you be pulling your hair out in Ft. Lauderdale. There's lots
of nice neighborhoods like Wilton Manors, Plantation, etc. For me a big
plus is that off season it's a short drive to Miami or Key West. If
your not in a hurry you can sail from Ft. Lauderdale to City Marina in
Key West. I had a friend with a fully tricked out Chinese Junk, the
journey was wonderful. You couldn't beat the lodging either. Every
night the breezes made a/c unnecessary, and the gentle rocking motion
would lull me to sleep.

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From: Surfer E2468 on
Will travel to florida for a cruise,but no way would i live there,even
with all our 24 inches of snow this week,i still like the changes of
the seasons.

cruise lover(~~~~~)