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>> Anymore, anything shorter than 10 days is TOO short for us! Seven days go
>> by
>> too quickly!
> I agree with you. My other cruises this year were 10 days or over.
> Seven is too short. Maybe for the next Viking cruise I might a back to
> back like Barb and Tobie did.
> --
> Charles

If you got two different itineraries, it would be perfect...I believe Barb
and Tobie had two different ones on the Westerdam and stayed in the same
cabin..Correct me if I am wrong and you are reading this, Tobie... I prefer
that and staying in the same cabin than taking two different ships with the
second leg starting on another ship. Too much schlepping of luggage takes
away the relaxation part.


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>> WHAT??? After all the comments you made to me around the ship about the
>> art work??? Taking me up to see those statues of Neptune and the
>> Mermaids??? <VBG>
> Those are an artistic treasure for all mankind... not unlike a beautiful
> Vermeer painting..... NOT.
>> -> We are what we are...
>> And you are one of a kind, Thomas!!!! ;-)
>> --Jean
> At least giving the ship a thorough inspection, we were able to find many
> of the little out of the way places where they hide the old people while
> taking photographs of the ships for the brochures.
> Charles was right... they DO have places where they can hide the old
> people...

And where was that, pray tell????
They never hid me nor Erm so I would like to know just where those places
were that you and Charles "supposedly" found!!

> --Tom

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> Unless it's a VERY good itinerary like Norway, or the Med... 14 days on a
> back to back in the Caribbean... might be way too much for me. In the
> Caribbean, I'm usually ready to come home after a week.

The 10 day I did on the Constellation a month earlier was the perfect
length for me. Also have done three 11 day Caribbean cruises and one 10
day Panama Canal/Caribbean cruise. I liked the length of all those. A
14 back to back might be too much but until I do a back to back I won't
know. I would want to do it like Barb and Tobie where the itinerary is
different. They did a western and southern. Several ships on different
lines alternate. Oasis of the Seas alternates.

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>>> I especially like the smaller HAL ships in Alaska...they are similar to
>>> the experience we had on the old Pacific Princess. Cozy and friendly.
>>> My favorites remain, Oceania with Celebrity, HAL and Royal Caribbean
>>> tied. I will have to give Carnival a try sometime next is
>>> three years since I was on one of their ships.
>> And WHY NOT Cunard next year?
> Tom, it is tempting just to have done it, but..
> 1. Too stuffy ? with all those formal nights...;-)
> I might just surprise you and tell you that I've booked one! I wish Cunard
> would have itineraries that take you eastward, let you stay a week in
> London and then return the next week involving no trans-Atlantic air
> travel.

What you mention is actually done.

I know that there were several this year (May and July). The ship will
cross to Europe, then may do something like Norway for a week, during which
you can stay in England till the ship returns for the return trans-Atlantic.
On this side they have some that mix in Canada, or you can stay in NYC which
is what most of the Brits do.

Just remember to get a south facing balcony both ways. South balconies get
the best sun, and not the cold air off the Arctic.

> But Ed probably would not go for 13 formal nights!

It's 2 formal nights IIRC. The casual nights just require a blazer or sport
jacket with slacks like Dockers and a golf shirt.


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>> Charles was right... they DO have places where they can hide the old
>> people...
> And where was that, pray tell????
> They never hid me nor Erm so I would like to know just where those places
> were that you and Charles "supposedly" found!!
> --Jean

You guys aren't old, you're young... I'm talking the OLD people.

Charles has photos of some of those rooms.... like the one that had like 30
chairs just quietly sitting in the little room.... just waiting for the old
people to be brought in for "hiding".

But we found them.