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>> LOL! Tom, He did get the attention of all the "gabbers!" As you
>> remember, I asked him at the get together whether he was ticked off or
>> did he always talk that way because I had the vision of him wearing a
>> black eye patch and a peg leg...He laughed and answered that it did get
>> the attention he wanted. He said too many people do not realize the
>> seriousness of the drill and take it too lightly...He remembered what I
>> said when I saw him a day or two before we disembarked and mentioned he
>> was not wearing the patch and wooden leg that day! He was British
> He said he was from South Africa.

Sorry but I don't think you heard correctly, Tom.
Captain Harris said he was born in Leicester, England but spent his early
childhood in East Africa where his father was Harbor Master.
After the get together, when I asked him where in East Africa, he told me
near Mombassa, Kenya. He was familiar with where our daughter, Denise, is
headquartered with the medical team in Kisumu. He asked what she was doing
there and replied in his "British" way that it was an honorable thing...or
should I say "honourable?" In fact in the Daily Program it said that he
joined HAL as one of their very first British Officers. He also commmanded
the Rotterdam and Amsterdam.


> --Tom

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> NOW the Door Key. Hmmm no one mentioned this but our door keys kept
> needing to be recharged as did Toms and Many others, We had to do ours
> about 5 times. and we never had it near anything that would discharge
> it, Just was a glitch I think.

Susette, we did not have that problem but have had it on one or two other
sailings...Guess it depends where you keep your door key that makes the
magnetic strip inactive.

> Cabin Stewards A+ Wonderful Clean room and Ice and towels What more
> can you ask for! Elemis hair and body items Very nice.
> NO problem at all if you get a deck 1 inside NO noise and great ride
> and Large room I was in 1018 ....I would take it again in a flash.

I agree, the towels were nice, large and fluffy! And they were generous with
I'm so pleased that you first time HAL cuuisers were as happy about the
Maybe Tom and Charles will now quit razzing us about HAL being just for the
Old People!

> Shows- Magician was pathetic. COmedian Julie Barr funny and the 2
> productions shows I saw were wonderful. and they were just new to the
> ship. Seating was odd, But its a carnivazl thing They have lots of
> obstructions and they shovel you in . 16 inches of leg room is being
> Kind Tom! Ermalee was jumping on tables to get in to sit.

I liked that one long continuous bench seating about ten seats back from the
front...The nice wide aisle in front of it gave you a good view now matter
where you sat on it because of the distance from the next row of seats...
And you could really stretch your legs with plenty of leg room. The rest of
the show room was rather disorganized with gaps in between seats and uneven

> DINING ROOM- I loved the touches from the Guy whom before dinner
> dressed like a Bell hop or the Phillip Morris guy went around and rang
> the DInnger bell via a wood xylophone WAS that ever so cool!

They have "Phillip Morris" on all their ships! And don't forget he also gave
out the mints, figs and dates as you left the dining room.
We had breakfast and lunch in the dining room twice and it was very good.
Loved the fresh squeezed orange juice in the buffet and the dining
room...lots of fresh fruits too.They picked up the grapes in Aruba...When we
asked for bananas and grapes in our cabin, our cabin steward said he could
get bananas but we had to wait until Aruba for grapes.

the FOOD A
> +.... I have never in 45 cruises had such good food....
> the lobster was BIG and they gave you 2 and a filet that was delish
> although small but it was plenty. I liked everything except Lobster
> bisque but that is ME not their Bisque.
> Tom liked 3 meals WOW that is alot for Him hahahahahhaha BUT the same
> fish he did not like everyone else thought was very good. I had the
> Filet of beef he said was chewy mine melted in my mouth and was done
> to perfection. the Shrimp that night I also ordered were JUMBO shrimp
> and I thought they were done to perfection. Our Waiter was wonderful
> and we had a Happy go lucky WIne Steward. many do not even have these
> stewards anymore.
> A+ for the dining room

I am surprised that Tom liked three of the fish dishes...Ed and Barb both
had the one that Tom did not like and they really enjoyed
theirs...well...when someone thinks of tuna fish only coming in a can not
as a tuna be the judge!!! ;-) My lobster and filet were very
good. Had to send the filet back as it was too pink but it came back
Great cruise and I miss everyone already!


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> Was it Keith Cox?

Yes. It was Keith Cox.

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>> Anymore, anything shorter than 10 days is TOO short for us! Seven days go
>> by
>> too quickly!
> I agree with you. My other cruises this year were 10 days or over.
> Seven is too short. Maybe for the next Viking cruise I might a back to
> back like Barb and Tobie did.
> --
> Charles

That wonderful feeling of smugness you get relaxing over coffee on
change-over day makes B2B cruising so special. All those poor people who
have to get off while your enjoyment continues. If you haven't done this,
you must; if you have done this, you will. Smug, smug, smug.

Harry Cooper

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> Welcome home, Susette & The Vikings! (Good band name--I'm afraid to
> ask if y'all perform...I know The Vikings put on a show wherever they
> go! Hint hint Charles, do you have any pix of the crazy hats on parade
> or ?)
> Thanks to all for your reviews and impressions. I am so happy y'all
> had a great big fun group cruise together!
> Tom, you are the Renaissance man--when you put on your creative
> writing hat (post 1), there is no better reading! Your nit-picky
> analyses are, of course, helpful in evaluating ship/line fits. I had
> to ROTFLMAO when you wrote, "We're likely more critical than 99% of
> the people out there, but as an engineer, that's the kind of stuff I
> notice." Understatement of the year. ;)
> Happy tidings, friends from Viking land.
> Diana

And its TRUE! TOM is soo nit picky but he liked the FOOD its been how
many cruises I did with him and we Finally got him to L IKE SOMETHING
Actually you could not complain about the food it was good and of good
Only rethink is going on any SHIP OUT OF FT LAUDERDALE during
I just can not take the rudeness of people..... You just wanted to
deck them LOL
We really Piqued many folks curiosity with the Hats! many giggles on
Bunnies and Christmas and when we walked with our Viking hats in the
hallways People did step back and Laughed

Pics to come soon I got em on disk just real busy