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cost of tobacco in the Canaries?
Hi I am going to the Canaries in 3 weeks time and to save me driving to the airport and parking my car a friend has offered to take me and collect me from the airport for 1kilo of tobacco. So it will cost me �20 for petrol and �50 approx for parking say �70 in total if I take my car. So will 1kilo of Golden Vi... 16 Oct 2007 18:49
Trip to Germany
Well Cathy and I have returned from two and a half weeks in Germany. The first ten days were on a Cosmos bus tour and the last seven were in a rented car. Here are the places we visited: Heidelberg-Bacharacher-Cologne-Bremen-Hamburg-Wittenburg-Berlin-Potsdam-Dresden -Nuremberg-Rothenburg-Nordlington-Neuschwans... 9 Nov 2007 18:27
Paris metro Navigo "decouverte" pass now available for tourists
A second type of contactless navigo pass (Navigo Decouverte) for Paris metro is at last available for tourists not living or working in Paris, but for only 1 WEEK, 1 or several months or 1 year, not yet for single or 10 trips, immediately at any ticket office, with an ID photo, for 5 €. You can buy it too with a ... 18 Sep 2007 07:29
Trip in Switzerland
Hello Everyone, I am planning a trip to switzerland from july 14 for 8 days. I am planning to rent a car in zurich and drive around to interlaken and all other places. Is it better to drive in car to all places in switzerland or travelling by train is the best option? Also could you please suggest some must see ... 25 Jul 2007 17:31
reverse look up
perhaps the wrong group but i thought that someone here would know, is there a site that will give me the name and address of a telephone subscriber for free if all i know is the telephone number ... 13 Jun 2007 13:10
American girlfriend willing to settle in the UK
Dear all, My girlfriend is american and I am french. I am currently living in London and she would like to come and join me. However, it seems pretty hard for her to find a job here... Thus, we thought of getting a french PACS (kind of like a UK civil partnership) and would like to know if this would make it p... 30 May 2007 03:25
Tower Hamlets Prices Turkish Baths Beyond Locals
"SB" <s_byers666(a)> wrote in message news:1179172748.220500.5290(a) Open Letter re: the new London Spa recently opened in the old traditional Turkish Baths suite at York Hall, Tower Hamlets, London, UK. Snip < What a good post! I hope it gets the message across to so... 19 May 2007 04:56
cuidado be carefull attenzione con VUELING
Estimado Sr. Mario, Gracias por contactar con VUELING. En respuesta a su e-mail, quisiera expresarle nuestras más sinceras disculpas por la mala imagen y desinformación recibida el pasado 10 de abril. Soy consciente de que toda explicación no paliará el mal sabor de boca que le ha dejado esta experiencia pero dé... 4 May 2007 13:10
Slvakia Folk Festivals
Dakujem for the bus info ,guys.Here's the next one. We are travelling to Sloakia in mid August - early September this Autumn. It seems we will miss most of the major Music & Dance festivals Does anyone know of any festivals during this time? What chance do we have of happening in on Folk music at a local pub/ rest... 2 May 2007 17:39
Switzerland - where best viewing of Matterhorn?
Travelling to Europe in September/October this year with my girlfriend. We are planning to train from Dijon to Venice via Switzerland. I was thinking Geneva is recommended a lot. My girlfriend has a preference for seeing the mountains - particularly the Matterhorn and had heard Zermatt is nearby. We don't hav... 27 Apr 2007 04:48
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