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Naples Worthwhile?
We have five nights / four days to spend in the Naples / Amalfi Coast area before boarding a ship in Sorrento. In the past we've been to Pompei, and to Amalfi twice on day trips. We were planning to just skip Naples, but Frommer's guide raves about how the historic center has been cleaned up, and the crime situa... 29 Sep 2009 05:16
food, was New aircraft design has rows of passengers sittingface-to-face
erilar wrote: It's bad enough getting out of a non-aisle seat to go to the toilet; think about getting across that many legs!!!!! Not to mention the disabled people who now have the legal right to access public transport. Mind you, Ryan Air have been pulled up before for being nasty to people in w... 25 Sep 2009 17:36
Good List Self Catering B&B Guest Houses Bournemouth ftrc
Bournemouth self catering, traveller's and student accommodation here... Alex's B&B Bournemouth Homestay (�15 daily �85 weekly) Self Catering Homestay B&B Tel: +44 7875 364809 - U.K: 07875 364809 Bournemouth Backpacker... 12 Jul 2008 12:34
Rado Integral Watches - Rado Watches
Rado Integral Watches - Rado Watches Luxury Gift : Rado Watches : Rado Integral Watches : Rado Integral Watches series contain the following items, each item is the perf... 30 Jun 2008 03:30
Greek island of Renominoz
Soon I'm eloping to my island Renominoz with my recent lover Acaciananos. Theres something about her charm and the way she takes control of a situation. She had made her fortune trading items; first Acaciananos had staple gun advertised in the trading section of the local paper. The article read; 'Will trade a s... 24 Apr 2008 18:18
Hi Guys, I am flying to London for 9 days this second week of May. I've been to London twice, so I did already all the tours around the city. Was planning to visiting some neighboring cities nearby London. Any suggestions which cities? or attractions? Thanks a lot ... 23 Apr 2008 17:23
Where to go in Turkey
Sorry if this is a duplicate - system went haywire when sending previous reply: Apologies - I came late to this and you've already had much advice! We've been going to Turkey for many years, mainly for the historical sights, so from that inclination: You could EASILY spend a further week in Istanbul and en... 18 Apr 2008 19:52
Forsboda, Sweden
I looked for this place in Google maps but could not find it. Could a Swedish person help me locate it, please? It is a place mentioned in Best Intentions, written by Ingmar Bergman and directed by Bille August. ... 8 Dec 2007 07:19
Prepaid sim card in Paris
Where can I buy prepaid sim card in Paris? How much? Dennis ... 1 Nov 2007 07:18
South Africans attacked in Paris starting 20/10/2007 @ 21:00 CET
.......................should be fun ;-) ... 19 Oct 2007 09:21
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