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> Is that why they take Canadian flag stickers and put them on their
> luggage to give the impression they are not Americans? I've sat and
> watched the Canadian ID on our bags get snatched by Americans, what
> other reason could it be? When we were young and in Europe, we always
> had Americans wanting to buy our backpacks because of the Canadian
> flag on it's back. Seems Europeans treat them better if they think
> they're another nationality.

That is not because of how Americans act abroad. That is because of
their perception of the United States government. Since the US was the
dominant world economic and military power in the twentieth century it
made many enemies by how it excersized that power.

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> On 6/6/10 10:52 AM, Frank from Deeeetroit wrote:
> > Do it your self and call the cruise line, you will
> > receive the best service at the least cost. Spend your money on the
> > ship and on shore excursions.
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> > Frank
> Cruise lines do not give you the "least cost" if you book with them.
> All the cruise lines do is give you the same price as a travel agent
> would get you, and they keep the commission that would have been paid to
> a travel agent.  But what you lose is having someone look out for
> getting you possible upgrades and who will keep an eye out for price
> reductions (what's the chance that the cruise line will call you and say
> that there has been a price reduction and you're getting a lower cost?).
> --Tom

Tom, We found that if we book our cruise through a web based discount
agent, then call the cruise line for advice, offers, shore excursions,
etc. this offers the most service to our needs than dealing through a
third party.

We do the looking out for ourselves by dealing directly with the
cruise line. Our method has worked well for us, to the point of one
of the cruise line agents calls us and has offered a last minute
cruise special that was well below any advertised rate by a discount
web-site or cruise line.

Once a relationship is made with a cruise line, they wan you back.
All they care about is leaving port with a ship that is s close to
full as possible.

Oh, no one mentions the huge last minute discounts offered to local
residents of the beginning port of the cruise just to fill the boat.
These discounts are only learned by talking to our fellow cruise


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>>> On 6/5/2010 10:28 PM, Brian K wrote:
>>>> Kurt Ullman conferred with the ghost of Faye Wray and said On 6/5/2010
>>>> 11:55 AM:
>>>>> In article<56ok06ldk6s1r5perolungnhb62c27jsgr(a)>,
>>>>> Stu<info(a)> wrote:
>>>>>> What 2700 cruisers and 1100 staff isn't so bad , look at the new
>>>>>> Royal
>>>>>> Caribbean Ship .. Oasis of the Seas 5,400 passengers and 2,165 crew
>>>>>> members, way too many people for my liking.
>>>>>> Then a 29,000 sq. ft kids area, not a ship I'd like to be on for a
>>>>>> relaxing time.
>>>>> I view the Oasis much the same as NYC. Not necessarily a place I would
>>>>> like to live, but absolutely a place I have to visit once to have
>>>>> experienced it.
>>>> I have no desire to experience The Monstrosity of The Seas even once.
>>> Good for you! Never let a lack of experience prevent you from forming
>>> an opinion.
>>> Oh... and pay no attention to people who have been on the Oasis who
>>> disagree with you. What do they know?
>> George it's his decision, and you as a travel agent are on shaky
>> ground here making fun of his decision even if he may be wrong.
> We've been through this discussion many times over the years, Stu.
> Some people say since I am a travel agent, all my posts are suspect
> because I am a shill for the cruise industry and only present cruising in
> it's best light.
> Other people say that since I am a travel agent, I should never post
> anything negative about the cruise industry.
> Some people say that since I am a travel agent I should never "rock the
> boat" in a public forum and never disagree with anyone.
> Some people say that since I am a travel agent, I should never have an
> opinion... just post facts and "helpful" information. (Maybe I could post
> press releases!!!)
> Brian K is a big boy and has been around the newsgroup a long time and can
> take as good as he gets. He knows how I post the same way I know how he
> posts. I am sure that he doesn't expect that his posts and opinions will
> always go unchallenged.
> "I yam what I yam!" Popeye

Does ya eats yer spinach? I do.
Good post, George, speak your mind.

Harry Cooper

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> George Leppla
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Frank from Deeeetroit <dadurweird(a)> wrote:

> Oh, no one mentions the huge last minute discounts offered to local
> residents of the beginning port of the cruise just to fill the boat.
> These discounts are only learned by talking to our fellow cruise
> guests.

My travel agents have always checked for resident discounts. Some have
gone beyond the call of duty and talked DSM's into giving me onboard
credits and other discounts that by the rule I would not have received.

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On Sat, 05 Jun 2010 22:31:09 -0700, Jack Hamilton <jfh(a)> wrote:

>On Sat, 05 Jun 2010 22:13:09 -0400, Ohioguy <none(a)> wrote:
>>> more alternative itinerary - Alaska - if you can cruise a month or two
>>> earlier.
>> I looked at Alaska and Hawaii. Gave up on Hawaii immediately due to
>>the airfare cost.
>Prices to Hawaii vary a lot. This site seems to have a west coast
>emphasis, but sometimes shows east coast specials. The problem, of
>course, is finding a special at the time you want to go.

The URL I intended to include seems to have disappeared from the post.
It was