From: Carolyn G on
Let's think about Ohioguy's wife. So far it's been all about what HE
A first cruise to a tropical port is wonderful. It's sooo different
from Ohio. Palm trees, sandy beaches and ocean breezes. Someone to
make your bed and clean the bathroom for you . . . . every day!
Delicious meals cooked for you . . . and such a variety! No cleaning up
or dishwashing!
I think Ohioguys wife deserves this kind of vacation. A cruise! Not a
camping trip. Ugh.
This mother of 3 small kids deserves to get at least one week of
pampering every few years.
She's earned it.

From: Charles on
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> Many of us change over time... when I was young my brother and I camped
> in a tent in Yellowtone, Glacier, Grand Teton, and Yosemite National
> Park... in between parks we tried to find motels for less than $10 per
> night. One cold night I slept in the back seat of my old Dodge Charger.

When I was a kid my family could not afford expensive vacations. We
always went camping. Even were stuck a couple of days at a State Park
campground in Florida waiting for a car part, sort of like something
Ohioguy mentioned on one of his trips. Now I hate camping and won't do

Later when my parents were doing a lot better after we were on our own
a few years they went on a some cruises and they pressured me to take
one. It took a while but I finally gave in...

From: Ohioguy on
> Let's think about Ohioguy's wife. So far it's been all about what HE
> likes.

Not completely. As I said earlier, what I would like is to go
backpacking in the wilderness for about 9 days.

> A first cruise to a tropical port is wonderful.

This will be her third. She went on a Western Caribbean about a
month after I first met her - we were just writing each other then.
Then 4 years ago she went on a cruise to the Southern Caribbean for her
Mom's 60th birthday. (all the kids went with their Mom) I was a little
jealous at the time, because I got to take care of the kids.

> This mother of 3 small kids deserves to get at least one week of
> pampering every few years. She's earned it.

I'm actually the stay at home Dad who takes care of changing the
diapers, sweeping and a lot of that stuff, though my wife works full
time. I also do contract writing. If I have any time left over from
the kids, it is usually spent fixing something that has broken - such as
the leaky faucet behind the washer today. Then if I STILL have time, I
end up spending that driving back and forth to the duplex where we used
to live, either fixing something up there, or making sure that progress
has been made in getting it ready to rent out.
From: Ohioguy on
> I'm beginning to think you are still trolling.

If by trolling you mean asking for advice so that I don't have to
make mistakes firsthand, you are correct, sir! I regularly take part in
discussions on the gardening newsgroups, frugality newsgroups, & the
comic newsgroups. I just never had any reason to get involved in this
one before now - when a cruise looks likely in our near future.

>You like ponds and lakes but not oceans.

I like oceans. What I don't like is chlorine water. I love to swim
underwater, and tend to forget and do it with my eyes open, for some
reason. Thus, I end up in pain for a couple of hours afterwards.
Hence, I much prefer swimming in ponds, lakes or any other natural body
of water.

>wonder if you can go fishing off the balcony of a cruise ship.

Well, I had no idea how fast they went. For all I knew, they might
have official places on the sides for trolling.

> over 77 degrees but if you go to New England, that would be too cold and
> rainy.

For HER, not me. (though I don't exactly love rainy weather on an
excursion, either)

> Someone suggested that maybe a cruise isn't for you. I agree.

And yet, my wife really wants to do it. Considering that our last
big vacation together was a cross Canada trip in an old van (roughing
it), it is probably my turn to let her have what she wants this time around.
From: Ohioguy on
All right. I just had a discussion over Ramen noodles with my wife.
Evidently the dates are not as fixed as I had thought. Initially she
gave me a list of about 4 days that would be best to leave at the
beginning of October, but that was just because her Mother was already
going to be down here.

She says that we could actually leave after July 12, so most of July,
August and September are open. Mid August or any time in September
would probably be better, though.

So, now the dates are less important, and it comes down to $$.
Considering that we could take a cheap inside for ~$400 per person, I
should probably put a cap of $1,800 on the trip with airfare. (grand
total we should spend for both our trips)

Now I'll have to look to see if Alaska would be doable within that
framework, and I'll also check Bermuda.