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I kind of agree with Warren, but I have a suggestion that you might not
have considered.. how about a schooner in Maine?
Hardly the Caribbean, but they have fall foliage cruises in October and
the largest ship carries 40 passengers.

On 6/4/2010 1:41 PM, Ohioguy wrote:
> It looks like my wife and I will be going on a cruise in early
> October. It just works out that several relatives can come by and watch
> our kids (all are 7 or under). I think this will be the first time my
> wife and I have had a week to ourselves since our first child was born
> over 7 years ago.
> My preference for a vacation is actually hiking in the wilderness for a
> week or so, but my wife wasn't interested in that. I find that when I'm
> around crowds of people, it typically makes me feel worn out. I tend to
> recharge when I have time to reflect in nature, in my garden, or similar
> activities. Probably has something to do with growing up in the country,
> out on a farm.
> Anyway, details: we can take a 7 day cruise, with up to a day allowed
> for travel on both ends. In other words, we can be gone a grand total of
> about 9 days, and wouldn't want to push it past that. Due to a "Disney
> on Ice" show that various folks in the family want to see, we can leave
> either October 1, 2, 3 or 4. Sort of wish there was a website that could
> also lump in airfare - I'm trying to do it separately. (from Dayton,
> Ohio) I think we will focus on the Caribbean 7 day trips.
> I'm most interested in buffets, magic shows, and perhaps 40's/50's/60's
> type nostalgia music shows, or just some variety shows. I'm not very
> interested in formal dining, because by the time you've waited to be
> seated, waited to order, waited to get your food, and waited for the
> bill - I find myself thinking, "gee, I could have fixed something like
> that in half the time". I am looking forward to having time to relax and
> read as well, rather than change diapers, get kids ready for school, etc.
> I've used a website,, to come up with some
> possibilities. They are all Carnival ships - Legend, Victory & Liberty.
> Oct. 3 7 night Western Caribbean from Tampa shows $569 for balcony, so
> that is one possibility.
> I'm also considering the Norwegian Epic. I think I heard that it has
> Blue Man Group show, which I've always wanted to see - and was trying to
> decide if it was worth the extra cost. (and smaller room, most likely)
> If anyone has advice or suggestions, I'm very interested in benefiting
> from your experience to hopefully improve the quality of the trip.
> Thanks!

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> Is it true that you get some perks if you book your cruise with an
> American Express credit card, or is this just some sort of Urban Myth?

I often book cruises with an AMEX card and have never received any
perks. I understand there are some with the Platinum Card but I never
thought the higher yearly fee made the perks of that card of value for

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> Don't let anyone talk you out of Carnival, usually you only find a
> number of kids on board during spring break. They are not your's so
> relax and enjoy yourself. First time may I suggest the eastern
> caribean cruise on Carnival, we've been on both the Victory and the
> Valor, we perfered the Victory (get the balcony bigger room) and you
> can sit and sip wine at night watching the sea...very relaxing.

I don't think a Carnival cruise is a relaxing kind of cruise in general.

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> I always thought that the travel agents simply made money by adding
> on a couple of hundred dollars to the cheapest thing out there, and
> folks figured it was ok because of the convenience of them doing most
> all the work of getting scheduling and everything to work out. You're
> saying it is not like that?


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Warren <oceanvoyager_nyc(a)> wrote:

> I'm sure I'm going to take a lot of flak for saying this, but I don't
> think a cruise is for you. I doubt you'll be happy.he

Eh. I think he needs a change and likely he will be happy. He might as
well take a cruise and find out.