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> In addition, the people are graded on how many sales they make. Since
> they are paid a base salary plus commission, calls that do not involve
> selling anything are not welcome...

Not unlike a travel agent that is paid a commission only and told Ohioguy he
is not acceptable as a client to Lepper because he asks too many questions.

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>>>> And when I said they didn't care - I meant the phone person in Omaha
>>>> or Seattle or Miami who works for the cruise line. The people who
>>>> answer the phones don't really care whether you are satisfied or not.
>>> Oh really? You think only waiters and cabin stewards are concerned about how
>>> their services are evaluated in the CS questionnaire and "the people who
>>> answer the phones" don't care, even though passengers can rate them as well?
>>> Which cruise line (other than NCL) that you called gave you that impression?
>> HAL
>> When they made a mistake in an on-board booking (giving the wrong
>> agency that I had not used for several years the booking), it took me
>> three tries to get them to correct THEIR mistake. One lady just hung
>> up on me.
>Let me see if I understand this correctly. You're booking while on-board,
>probably because of some OBC benefit. You're telling them to give the
>commission to agent B. They are erroneously crediting your former agent A.
>Why are you wasting your time calling HAL yourself three times, instead of
>letting agent B do the job and fight for her commission? Aren't they
>supposed to save you time? Also, did you not get, while on board, written
>confirmation of your booking showing agent B's name?
I booked on-board because I wanted a specific sailing with a
guaranteed cabin. I don't think there was any on-board credit
involved, but there was a reduction in the amount I had to pay up

The booking agent on the ship had a hard time finding my name because
I was listed on the cruise under my maiden name. Because I was listed
under my maiden name and not my huaband's name (even though we had
been married at that point for 48 years), the agent I used to book the
cruise I was actually on wasn't on my reservation. My husband's
booking was under the right agency name, but mine wasn't. He was not
going on the cruise in was booking with me or it would have been done
under his name and done correctly

So the on-board agent booked me under another agency other than the
one I had made booking for the sailing I was on. . I asked about it
at the time because I didn't think it looked right and she brushed me
off. (She was on her last cruise and was leaving HAL employ.)

The cruise line would only deal with the agent that the erroneous
booking had been made with. They said that the agency that had been
wrongly credited would have to release the booking first and would not
talk to my agent at all because they said he had no standing.