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"Mxsmanic" <mxsmanic(a)> wrote in message
> Per Hodgkinson writes:
>> A German warrant has been issued already for FairtradeinTourism as a
>> 'warrant against unknown' ...
> Fortunately, Germany does not rule the world, irrespective of any
> illusions it
> may have to the contrary.
>> He/She has been caught
>> sending out emails making false claims to Travel Guide books to
>> attempt to sully SANDEMANs NEW Europe, and signing with a fake name.
> What sorts of false claims?
> Are Sandeman's guides required to pay the company whether they receive
> tips or
> not?

The previous article said yes


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Martin writes:

> It is Per Hodgkinson and his associates who have issued a warrant in Germany and
> not the German government.

So people in Germany can issue warrants without the state's participation? The
situation is worse than I thought.
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Martin writes:

> If you read their defence to the accusations made by ZDF on their website, I
> think the answer is yes too.

So what were the false claims?