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> Jim Ley writes:
>> Of course it is, designing the system so it cannot run untrusted code
>> is absolutely virus protection, it was part of the design constraints.
> Running trusted code and actively protecting against viruses are two
> different things. Virus attacks are unlikely in a wristwatch.

I should think that it is certainly possible for the uplink from Braunsweig
to be deliberately corrupted. You have chosen a very bad example. OTOH my
refrigerator doesn't contact the outside world so is probably safe from


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> Martin writes:
>> You aren't in the computer industry.
> Why not?

Because you got the sack/pink slip/P45? Only you know.


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Terry Richards a expos le 29/07/2006 :
> "Jim Ley" <jim(a)> wrote in message
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>> On Sat, 29 Jul 2006 14:32:27 +0200, "Terry Richards"
>> <terryr999(a)> wrote:
>> With that result it seems clear that the claim of a great majority
>> isn't sustainable -
> Which was my point.
>> but that's got absolutely sod all to do with cars,
>> which are not computers.
> If you review the thread, you will see that I was using cars as examples of
> devices that contain one or more computers that are not PCs.

OK, so I infer that injection calculators don't have antivirus software
because it would destabilize tham ? same for airbag calculators and ABS
sensors ?

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On Sat, 29 Jul 2006 14:38:17 +0200, Mxsmanic <mxsmanic(a)>

>Dave Frightens Me writes:
>> So you are saying they are all wrong.

Too bad, because there are more of them than you. When it comes to a
language, majority rules.

>> A computer is what people consider a computer, whether you consider
>> the definition differently or not.
>If computer has no fixed definition, then questions about how common
>antivirus programs are are moot.

And operating systems.
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barney2(a) writes:

> By your own account, your only employment is as an English teacher and
> tour guide.

So a doctor without a job is no longer a doctor?

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