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The Reid wrote:

> Following up to David Horne, _the_ chancellor of the royal duchy
> of city south and deansgate
>>>>Are you good at anything?
> juvenile argument.

Nope. The Atkielskidroid sucks at that, too.
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On Thu, 03 Aug 2006 10:17:50 +0100, The Reid
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>Following up to Hatunen
>>Why, I know plumbers who make so much money they refuse to make
>>house calls anymore.
>I've always done my own, wonder how much I saved? I've never used
>an estate agent either.

We needed to replace one of our toilets last year so we had a
plumber give us an estimate: $350 for just thelabor, not included
the cost of the toilet. We bought one and I installed it myself.

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didier Meurgues a écrit :

> didier Meurgues a écrit :
> They have not yet installed a direct link for address search (only for
> communes) on Geoportail. So you must choose : Plus de service/pages
> jaunes/villes en direct/vues aérienne to find the address search
> engine...

I've just discovered that once you have choosen a place with the
address search engine in "villes en direct" "vues aérienne" (1) of : or clicked on the map until to find a
you can use the roller of the mouse to enlarge and reduce exactly as on
Google Earth, even to the size of all France... (the white spots can
then be easily checked at national level at the scale 1/70 km for ex
!!!). Hope geoportail will add these improvements soon...
So it's easier to use than !
You can as well pass from topographic map to the corresponding photo
and vice versa to know where you exactly are.
You can search with the city name only but it doesn't offer you a
choice when there are several cities with the same name like on
geoportail ! So search a nearby knowned bigger town (préfecture), then
an activity in this town (mairie), with the white rectangle below, to
find the 2 digits departement number (Paris = 75), then add this number
to the city name search.

didier Meurgues

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Dave Frightens Me wrote:
> On 2 Aug 2006 08:28:19 -0700, "A Human Being"
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> >
> >The Reid wrote:
> >> Following up to A Human Being
> >>
> >> >> >> If it's valuable, why aren't you better off?
> >> >> >
> >> >> >Why are professional basketball players paid more than teachers and
> >> >> >doctors?
> >> >>
> >> >> Because they are more valuable.
> >> >
> >> >In what way is their work more useful to society than that of doctors
> >> >and teachers ?
> >>
> >> It isn't, but we value them more.
> >
> >why ?
> Because they are a rarity.

So are midgets and people over 7 ft tall. Why aren't they paid just as
much as professional models or basketball or football players?

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Martin wrote:
> On Wed, 02 Aug 2006 09:56:29 +0200, Mxsmanic <mxsmanic(a)>
> wrote:
> >Dave Frightens Me writes:
> >
> >> If it's valuable, why aren't you better off?
> >
> >Why are professional basketball players paid more than teachers and
> >doctors?
> Why aren't you better off?

If you can answer the question he asked you will have the answer to why
he isn't better off.

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> Martin