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Martin wrote:

> On Wed, 9 Aug 2006 10:57:05 +0100,
> this_address_is_for_spam(a) (David Horne, _the_ chancellor of
> the royal duchy of city south and deansgate) wrote:
> >A Human Being <justahumanbeing1(a)> wrote:
> >
> >> The Reid wrote:
> >> > Following up to A Human Being
> >> >
> >> > >> All history is written from a point of view.
> >> > >
> >> > >Not necessarily.
> >> >
> >> > usually of the winners.
> >>
> >> Not all historical events are wars .
> >
> >You're not very good at comprehension, are you?
> >
> >I've just realised what was staring me in the face. A Human Being is one
> >of Mixi's students!
> One of his red socks with a felt tipped pen mouth crudely drawn on it.
> Gottle of geer, Gixi?

A "Mixi - puppen"...!!!


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Dave Frightens Me wrote:

> Everyone bickers with each other here from time to
> time.

In that respect it's one of the "healthier" Usenet froups I'm on....

[It also has to do with the fact that this froup is not heavily - peopled by
immature American females who want to "run" everything and use the forum as
their own personal blog...]


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Following up to Dave Frightens Me and Human Being

>>Would you ( alone, as an individual and not as part of th group you
>>call `we' ) carry on with this behaviour if the others were not doing
>>it ?

We all have on occasion, its only very recently lots of people
have attacked Mixi all at once, funny isnt it that only a few
posts ago I wondered if someone would come along and defend him
in this way.............and here you are!

>Of course I would, and often do. I have received no support from
>anyone in the gun debate that's crossposted here, and nor did I expect

its still going on is it? they last for ever, bit like getting
Tchiowa to see Euros might have a point or figgy to criticise US.
In fact getting any right wing american to see *anything*, come
to think of it.
Mike Reid
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The Reid writes:

> Do you feel bullied?

Some of the behavior I see here is consistent with the term. I am
personally indifferent.

> It would stop if you posted in a less numbnuttian way ...

The causes of bullying have nothing to do with its targets.

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Dave Frightens Me writes:

> Everyone bickers with each other here from time to time.

Not everyone.

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