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A Human Being writes:

> When you are frustrated with your family member(s) do you bully them
> too?

As you probably know, bullying is a behavior that will be directed at
anyone who triggers it, be it a family member or not.

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jeremyrh.geo(a) writes:

> Most regular contributors - you definitely included.

I don't do this.

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From: Dave Frightens Me on
On Wed, 09 Aug 2006 14:51:33 +0200, Mxsmanic <mxsmanic(a)>

>Dave Frightens Me writes:
>> Everyone bickers with each other here from time to time.
>Not everyone.

Yes, everyone. Name two regulars here that have never bickered.
From: jeremyrh.geo on
Mxsmanic wrote:

> Most of what I say irritates those of relatively low intelligence, for
> a number of reasons. Unintelligent people are stressed by
> disagreement, or by any request for them to justify their opinions in
> a logical way (something they typically cannot do, since they've
> simply adopted the opinions of others). They became emotional and
> irrational in these situations. I try to force people to think for
> themselves, but many people aren't very good at it intrinsically, and
> others do it so rarely that they find it extremely tiring.

Paris residents experience an eclipse of the Sun, as the light is
blotted out by Mixi's swollen head. Film at 11.


From: Padraig Breathnach on
Mxsmanic <mxsmanic(a)> wrote:

>jeremyrh.geo(a) writes:
>> Most regular contributors - you definitely included.
>I don't do this.

If you want me to know what you don't do, you should snip more
selectively so as to leave in relevant context. In general, usenet
posts are not sufficiently important or interesting for me to be
motivated to go back up to find the point to which you are responding.

If you choose not to be reader-friendly, then you should consider
limiting your responses to e-mail, in the expectation that the person
to whom you are responding might remember the point at issue.

You frequently lose me as a reader. People who write generally do not
want to alienate readers.

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