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Dave Frightens Me writes:

> That's like saying "if you disagree, you are stupid".

That's exactly what stupid people usually say. In fact, it's a pretty
good indicator of low intelligence.

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Hatunen writes:

> Are youclaiming that everthing you post is reasonable?

As far as I know, yes.

> It also irritates very intelligent persons who know when you
> don't know math, science, law, or other subjects but proceed to
> post anyway.

No, it does not. Very intelligent persons will simply correct me if
they know better than I do, but they are not irritated.

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From: A Human Being on

Mxsmanic wrote:
> A Human Being writes:
> > When you are frustrated with your family member(s) do you bully them
> > too?
> As you probably know, bullying is a behavior that will be directed at
> anyone who triggers it, be it a family member or not.

The trigger often seems to be a non-violent person . Once they realise
its safe to bully him /her the urge surfaces.

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From: jeremyrh.geo on
dgs wrote:

> The amusing part was where he claimed that others here (you) were
> "afraid" of him (no doubt due to his Mighty Intellectual Prowess [tm]),
> and then cowered away when you suggested buying him an an air-
> conditioner in exchange for spending some time with him. Yep, those
> are agressive, threatening acts, yessir. I know they'd make me run and
> hide, quivering and quaking in my red socks and hiking boots.

Typical bully behaviour in fact - cowardly when his bluff is called.


From: A Human Being on

Padraig Breathnach wrote:
> "A Human Being" <justahumanbeing1(a)> wrote:
> >
> >Padraig Breathnach wrote:
> >> "A Human Being" <justahumanbeing1(a)> wrote:
> >> >
> >> >The ones who are not likely to counter attack are the ones the bullies
> >> >choose often.
> >> >If Mxs turned around and started shouting abuse things would change.
> >> >
> >> So why do you believe that you are bullied here?
> >
> >I'll leave it to you to decide.
> >
> I cannot decide what you believe. You are copping out.

Bullies act on their own beliefs , what I believe doesn't matter .

> >> You not only
> >> counter-attack, you initiate quarrels.
> >
> >I only present my views,
> >
> You seem to disapprove of my presenting some views that I hold. Where
> is the consistent position?

You have the right to voice your opinion, I have the right to disagree.
My not agreeing doesn't take way your right to voice your opinion.

> >if anyone dislikes them they are free not to
> >read them.
> >
> You do realise how stupid that is, I suppose. How can I know if I
> dislike your views if I don't read them?

Reading a few posts from a person gives an indication of his/her way of
thinking. One can read or ignore future posts based on that. In any
case even if people express opinions I disagree with, its not as if I
have to abandon my views and adopt theirs so I don't see why some
people feel so threatened.
Convincing arguments can change not very sound views sometimes- if the
people are open minded i.e. - so it makes sense to reason with them.
When they are not open to reason and new ideas trying to convince is a
waste of time, best to move on.

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