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On Fri, 13 Nov 2009 23:07:58 +0100, Martin wrote in post :
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> Not forgetting the Yellow Rubber Ducky.

You're never alone with a rubber duck.

Not very helpful though. If you're the sort of person who can't read a map
then I'd get a GPS, but you'll have to get one that store the whole of that
part of Europe in one go. The may have changed since I got mine but the map
data is often split into sections and you'll have to reload the next map
somehow. (either on a flash card, or via a PC). Worth checking about as it
can be a showstopper.

Tim C.
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On Sat, 14 Nov 2009 00:43:24 +0100, Alfred Molon wrote in post :
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> Indeed, but that is life. But do you really want to go back to the days
> when there was no Internet and no email?

On holiday, yes. :-)
Tim C.
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On Sat, 14 Nov 2009 11:51:17 +0100, Martin wrote in post :
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> Some make do with a conventional wet razor and neither own nor need a notebook.

Like me.

Tim C.
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On Sat, 14 Nov 2009 11:38:03 +0000, Mike Lane wrote in post :
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> My solution so far is to use an ordinary handheld GPS unit and record a
> waypoint when I take a photo. I will then end up with several hundred
> waypoints on the GPS which can be matched to the images using the image
> file's time and date stamp. I can then geotag the images by copying the
> coordinates into the image file's EXIF metadata. It's rather laborious and
> not ideal, but it's a lot better than nothing

Get a little logger like the Holux, and you can also get a little freeware
programme to combine the logged data with the photos automatically.

I find that a little fiddly at first as I don't use it often, but does work
pretty well.

Tim C.
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On 13 nov, 14:58, Darkstar87695 <Darkstar87695.41l...(a)no-> wrote:
< Hey everyone, I'm an 18 year old from Florida and I have always
< to travel. In a few years I will be taking a summer to go to Europe.
< will be backpacking from Greece all the way to the UK. I have not
< finished planning this trip and will be using this site for that
< but i have a quick question for everyone. Would a hend held GPS be a
< good investment for this trip? and if so then which one do u

Depends what you want do do with

If for turn-by-turn navigation and finding your position
and way be aware of battery limitations (gps and map
display really uses batteries) and cost for getting maps
(online maps using gps roaming is prohibitively
expensive and most very detailed maps are limited to
one or just a few countries)

For travelling several times this year to countries in
Eastern Europe, I have bought an iPhone and a 3 USD
application for using licence free openstreetmap offline.
Downloading takes some time (for most detailled level),
maps are not always perfect, but a more than sufficent
help to find my way in cities I am not familiar with
(combined with gps-function). As roaming charges
for using gsm for calls and data transmissionas are
very high (in some countries even charges for calling a
"foreign" gsm service provider within the country can be
50-times more expensive than within the service providers
own network or fixnet) I travel with a second cheap
phone-functions only mobile phone for using a "local"
prepaid SIM-card when staying several days in a specific
country, switch the roaming-function on the iPhone off
and use free or low-priced W-LAN hotspots where
available for e-mail (have not used skype or similar
services yet)

But things will probably continue to change the next few
years - buying now any kind of gps-device for a trip for as
you state "in a few years" is imho no good investment