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Gary Spatz is one of the most respected acting teachers for children
in the United States. He regularly coaches actors for auditions and
callbacks for feature films and episodic television. Gary's been
teaching classes for children and teens for over 20 years. Gary Spatz
has completed his third season as the acting coach for Dylan and Cole
Sprouse, the stars of the hit Disney Channel series "the Suite Life
Zack and Cody".In the past, Gary has served as the Children’s acting
coach for many television productions, including the Emmy award
winning CBS sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond”, “Rosanne”, “Sister,
Sister”, “The Jeff Foxworthy Show”, and “The Smart Guy”
Gary Spatz's "The Playground" is located in the heart of the Century
City area of Los Angeles, adjacent to the Westfield Shopping Center.
The space has been designed to create a comfort zone for the actor
while simultaneously providing a professional atmosphere with studio-
grade lights, cameras and monitors.
Gary Spatz has been the acting coach on several Disney productions
including MMC (the New Mickey Mouse Club, where he also served as
creative consultant) and the feature film Honey I Shrunk the Kids. He
specializes in teaching young performers and has taught young actors
that have gone on to star in such productions as Felicity, Beverly
Hills 90210, Malcolm in the Middle, That 70s Show, Jurassic Park, and
many many more.
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