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How will the current turmoil in Greece effect tourism?

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>How will the current turmoil in Greece effect tourism?

Well, I heard that 17,000 tourists canceled their reservations last
week alone.

This sort of reaction can be good or bad, depending on your point of

For those who are determined to go to Greece, it might mean more hotel
rooms available, and at more negotiable prices.

For those in the Greek tourist industry, it's bad.

When travelling to Greece, it's always wise to have a Plan B for
everything. You never know when there might be a strike that will
affect you. For example, there's a 24-hour general strike scheduled
for May 20. Basically, no transportation will move on that day.

For tourists, the "turmoil" is not really a matter of safety, but of
convenience. You're going to be inconvenienced in Greece even in the
best of times. Consider it an adventure.

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> How will the current turmoil in Greece effect tourism?
> Bob

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> How will the current turmoil in Greece effect tourism?
> Bob

Hi Bob

The tourist industry is going to feel the difference at the end of the
season around October of this year, nevertheless there are and will be
always tourists coming to Greece the issue is that the Travel Agency
have lost the ability to have a price list in there favor.Thus
tourists will be having the opportunity to get better prices.
As all over the world we always listen to the bad news on the news but
tend to forget that nothing has changed that effects the tourists
besides those who will choose to stay in the center of Athens should a
strike take place.
In conclusion I would like to let you know that the Greek outdoors are
a fantastic place to visit especially for those who are on a budget
since the prices are not as high as the popular Greek Islands and
there are plenty of sites with majestic beauty.