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On Tue, 5 Aug 2008 16:57:36 -0400, Surfer E2468 wrote:

> Have been on cruises and sat with,mixed races,gays,and all other types
> of people,and never found any of them to be anything but very nice,and
> we had enjoyable times with all.

Then don't sit down to chow with the Bushes. It might spoil your 100%
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[Default] Thus spake "Babie" <cruiseaddict(a)gmail.comYOURCLOTHES>:

>"clint" wrote:
>> Did you dudes/dudesttes read about the guy who got upset with his seat
>> mate on Greyhounf, and chopped his head off.....seems he could have used
>> some anger managemrnt classes(hope ke wasn'y a senoir)HAHA
>I'm so glad someone else mentioned this. I've been having really messed up
>dreams lately and thought it was a dream, so I didn't even mention it to
>It's sick! I used to actually use Greyhound, but I think I'm too snobby to
>use it ever again. Plus it isn't THAT much cheaper than flying... I'd prefer
>Amtrak, but it takes so long to get anywhere! With the screwed up schedules,
>I had to go through Chicago on Amtrak to get from Albuquerque, NM to Dallas,
>Back to the psycho on the bus... What I find incredible, whether or not the
>guy was already dead, no one else on the bus helped. If they overwhelmed the
>attacker they could have stopped at least the beheading if not the death
>itself. They all, including the driver, just got off the bus until the
>police came...
>Maybe I'm just stupid, but I always step in when I see someone being
>attacked physically, verbally, or whatever. It may be my downfall in life,
>but I consider it a responsibility.

It's the reason I carry. But Canadians have decided that their
government can protect them at all times.

I suspect that, had the other passengers believed that they would die
regardless of what happened, but that many more might die unless they
acted, that they would have overwhelmed him. At least that's what
Americans did on UA 93 on September 11, 2001.

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>In article <eY%kk.3094$De7.1151(a)>,
> "clint" <bocarsm(a)> wrote:
>> I wouda blown the dude away. I have a consealed weapon permit(and a Senior)
> Ah yes. But they were in Canada, doubt your permit is good there.
>Even if you are a Senior.

He would have become a Senior in prison. And probably scouraged in
the news media for "taking the law into his own hands".
From: Surfer E2468 on
They(the bushes,cheney's,and obama) are an exception to the rule,would
go out of my way to get away from them.

cruise lover>

From: Surfer E2468 on
James,we have been on cruises with children,some were not too nice(their
parents did not control them) and others were a pleasure to dine
with,only problem was on the granduer of the seas,no children under 9
were supposed to sit in the first 5 rows,but a lot of parents ignored
this,and they were the most obnoxious.
Some people(and we are two of them)would never go away anywhere without
our son. We waited until he was old enough to know right from wrong,and
knew he had to behave at all times.

cruise lover>

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