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> On 5/29/2010 5:40 PM, Seehorse Video wrote:
>> Hi Annie,
>> I didn't notice any ridiculing as I toured Pearl Harbor, but it was hard
>> listening to the Japanese commentary over the intercom, wondering what
>> was
>> being said. Even after so many years, Pearl Harbor still hurts. As I
>> said
>> in an earlier post, it's better to be friends, but it's hard to forget.
>> Harry Cooper
> According to my friend, they repeat the commentary in both languages. When
> she flies from Japan to the US, she has a layover in Hawaii, sometimes she
> stretches out for a couple of days. Hawaii is a popular tourist
> destination for people who live in Japan.
> Becca

Hi Becca,

We were led to believe the commentary was repeated in both languages and
maybe it was, but do the Japanese think of it as a terrible sneak attack, or
as a great victory? That's the thought that went through my head and caused
the strange feelings. There seem to be almost as many Japanese tourists as
American in Honolulu.

Harry Cooper