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Nonny wrote:
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>> On 6/14/10 7:09 PM, Jean O'Boyle wrote:
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>>>> With HAL we only paid $4 more than the normal railway price... that
>>>> doesn't come across as a rip off.
>>>> --Tom
>>> That is not bad, least you know that you are definitely booked.
>>> --Jean
>> Now we have to find something for Ketchikan... maybe Misty Fjords or
>> the Bearing Sea "Deadliest Catch" Boat excursion.
> We saw the boat last summer and I'd say you might be disappointed. As
> suspected, it's an older fishing boat and was NOT one of the main
> players on the show. Actually, a simple walk from the ship to the
> downtown area, some shopping and the walk back make for a decent shore
> excursion for us. Across from the pier is a non-tourist type store
> selling fishing and boat supplies. It's fun to visit. If you need any
> tools or hardware, there's also a nice hardware store by the docks. We
> needed an Allen wrench to make an adjustment on Mrs. Nonny's scooter, so
> that worked out well.
> Nonny

I have a friend who was in Ketchikan last year. It was so cold and
rainy the day she was there, they didn't even spend too much time
shopping. I have a feeling that's not a place I want to be out in a boat.

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