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> On 01/08/10 10:00, Tom P wrote:
>> On 08/01/2010 09:39 AM, Paul Schmitz-Josten wrote:
>>> Hatunen in<u2k9561srs1gvjio379h1lvbmk3m4gassm(a)>:
>>>>> In CDG, it is essential whether you have an Air France flight or not.
>>>>> Air France (and their partners) use terminal building 2, most of the
>>>>> rest
>>>>> of the world uses terminal 1. They are at least 15 mins (if not
>>>>> more) by
>>>>> bus distant from each other.
>>>> Can't be worse than a British flight we took a few years ago from
>>>> SFO to Heathrow and our conecting BA flight to Helsinki was at
>>>> Gatwick.
>>> Agreed: Heathrow to Gatwick is 45 miles, and I suspect that the
>>> estimated
>>> time varies between 45 mins und 4.5 hours ;->
>>> Ciao,
>>> Paul
>> Is that offered as a connecting flight by the BA booking system? Some
>> years back I had an AF fight arriving at CDG and the AF connecting
>> flight was from Orly. Air France did not offer this on the booking as a
>> connecting flight, I had to book the legs separately.
> I have had the same experience. One had to collect ones checked in luggage
> at CDG and transfer it to Orly oneself.