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> Even that's not much. They would only spend 1 day there.
> In the past, Norwegian Majesty spent 4 days there, and between the
> Zenith, Horizon, Pacific Princess and Nordic Empress, they'd fill
> another week there. At least that kept the area hopping.
> They need a week long NCL ship there, and another couple of ships at the
> other pier in St. Georges. That would revitalize St. Georges.

And that one day is tendering which has not gone well from what I have
read. On my sailing we could not tender and went directly to Hamilton.
On the days when they have been able to tender there have been long
lines for the tender.

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>> I could not get the story to come up. Is there that many MEga Yachts
>> to support St Georges?
>> I am glad that HAL is going back to Bermuda...
> Getting mega yachts to dock at St. George was and still is a pipe dream.

Even if they don't make the town cut large enough for Explorer size
ships, at least they should make it so that Summit, the HAL ship, and a
Panamax NCL ships can fit there. Then maybe even RCI might think about
one of the Radiance class ships for there. And the two docks in St.
Georges are pretty far apart. So it's not like in Hamilton where
fitting 2 ships was a problem.